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CIED Presents on 4th October - STARTUP INDIA ROCKS! 2016
Scaale is a Growth Consultant Group headquartered in the key markets of San Francisco, Toronto, Barcelona, London and Mumbai with offices in Portugal & China across its four key verticals of Capital, Sales, Talent and Workspace comprising of over 100 employees.
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Launching of Social Campaign” Beti Hi Bachayegi” on the occasion of 29th Foundation Day (October 2, 2016)
I am delighted to share with you that your alma-mater is going to launch an ambitious Social Campaign “Beti Hi Bachayegi” on Sunday October 2, 2016, i.e., 29th Foundation Day of the institute.The basic purpose of this long term campaign will be connecting alumni, faculty and current students with the national endeavour of women empowerment,............
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