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The experience of participation in the ADHM on 29 November, 2015

I woke up at 3 am on 29 November 2015 on a cold and smoggy morning in Greater Noida unable to sleep further on account of the excitement of participating in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon which was to commence from JNU stadium New Delhi at 7 am. This was my fifth half marathon participation for which I had been training for the last 2 months prior to the D-day.

After an hour’s taxi ride my colleagues & I reached the JNU stadium and started the race. As I crossed the start line I could see Bipasha Basu, the brand ambassador of the marathon, waving and encouraging participants from the raised pedestal overlooking the start line. There were more than 30,000 participants of all age groups, one of the largest in any marathon and I realized that after 2009 when I had first participated in this race that there had been an exponential increase in participation.

As a 65 year old competing, I however, did not feel too old for the race as there was a huge poster of Fauja Singh the 104 year old sardarji (who had run a full marathon at 100!) extorting the runners with his example. There was a festive air all around with bands playing the latest Bollywood numbers and young boys and girls dancing to the songs. When the group of runners reached India Gate there were chants of “Bharat Mata ki Jai”.

Towards the end of the race after 20 km the blisters on the feet and the cramping of muscles were really tough to contend with in the final one kilometer. There were crowds lining the entire route cheering the runners and with their encouragement and the determination to complete the race I finally crossed the finish line with a feeling of elation and a timing of 2 hours 20 minutes (a little below my previous efforts). A bottle of Bisleri water and the much needed refreshments arranged by the organizers were really welcome.

The above is an account of a hugely satisfying experience the memories of which will be cherished by all of us. I sincerely feel that students from BIMTECH must participate in large numbers in this race to invest in their health which will help them now and in the years to come. We hope we have set an example for them to follow. So let’s all get fit and make India a healthy nation creating true demographic dividend. Jai Hind.

I am thankful to Director, Sir for encouragement which was a great source of inspiration


Kamal Kalra                                                                      Dated 1 December 2015


ADHM 2015


Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2015(ADHM 2015) happened on 29th Dec 2015. 21.097 km of run in the morning is the ultimate test of fitness and endurance. 34,000 people running for joy, competition, causes, fun etc. is a perfect riot of colours in the morning. With lots of bands and DJ playing music throughout the race to lift the tempo of all the participants. The initial 15 kms was challenging but the real test was for the remaining 6 kms when the mental strength overtook the physical strength. We got finishers medal and refreshments after the race. Each year half marathon is the win of human spirit over the distance. It’s a good endeavour in the adage that ‘Let the fitness prevail’. I would like to thank our Director Sir for supporting sporting endeavours.


Manoj Kr. Pant                                                                                 December 1. 2015



Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) 2015


I woke up excited on the morning of November 29, 2015 as I was scheduled to run my second ADHM. I eventually completed the run albeit with some physical and mental strain. After training for nearly 8 weeks prior to the Marathon Day, I crossed the finish line (21.097 km) in 2 hours, 4 minutes, an improvement of 6 minutes over my last effort.


Bipasha Basu was the Celebrity Face, I saw some interesting participants of all shapes and sizes and various age groups coping in their own way the difficulties of the Half Marathon. I enjoyed the crowd and the music along the way. I run in the ADHM for the festive, colorful and ‘mela’ like spectacle.


Through the first 15 kilometers everything was going smoothly but thereafter the going got very tough. I can say Airtel Delhi Half Marathon has always been participant-friendly with very helpful volunteers and meticulous planning.


I am thankful to our Director Sir and Prof. Kamal Kalra for their kind support and encouragement.

Prince Kumar

Assistant Manager (Examinations)

December 1, 2015



ADHM 2015

Participating in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon race 2015(Senior Citizens Segment) has been a great experience for me.  This was my second chance – first one was in the year 2014.

Frankly speaking, I had never participated in any such event before joining BIMTECH.  But the environment in BIMTECH is so conducive and encouraging for any body – be it a student or faculty or staff.  Every body feels like participating in extra curricular activities like sports or cultural etc. This adds to overall development of personality.  My personal gain in this is that it helps me fix a target of a run on a particular day..  I start practising 2-3 months in advance and thus keep my self fit.

I must convey my thanks to Director Sir for providing an environment and  facilities for participating in such activities.  I am also thankful to Prof. Kamal Kalra and Mr. Prince Kumar for encouraging me for this run and also making all arrangements for this race.


JP Goswami                                                                                      Dated 1 December 2015

group photo

L-R (JP Goswami , Manoj Kr. Pant   , Kamal Kalra, Prince Kumar)


Airtel Marathon




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