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Alumni Meet – GAAB Pune

Alumni Meet – GAAB Pune Chapter

held on 18th February 2017 at 8:30 PM at Novatel Hotel, Pune

The meeting was convened by Dr. K C Arora, Registrar.  GAAB Convener-Pune Chapter, Mr. Salaam organized a self introduction session of all Alumni attending the meet. They shared about their professional and personal achievements. Their takeways from the BIMTECH campus which is helping them achieve success was very motivating for everyone. Dr. Arora welcomed the BIMTECH family and apprised them about the recent developments at BIMTECH.

  • AACSB and NAACaccreditation

  • Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities

  • GAAB initiatives to make Alumni participation in institution building

Prof. Saloni Sinha shared about the CSR activities and research initiatives proposed by BIMTECH and invited all to support in seeking partnership with industry for BIMTECH endeavours towards community development. The suggestions made by Pune Alumni Chapter were-

  1. Mr. Salaam proposed that Alumni connect could become more robust if we propose some chapter wise competitions

  2. Mr. Salaam also proposed that Live streaming of events form campus will help Alumni located in various parts to be updated about theinstitute activities

  3. The Alumni Chapter unanimously agreed with the suggestion that one should wholeheartedly engage in institution building by way of creating internships, research and workshop opportunities to introduce latest trends of the industry in the curricula.

  4. To inculcate sense of belongingness the alumni should visit the main campus as and when possible.

  5. Buddy mentoring and reverse mentoring with Alumni should be explored by faculty and students

Convener: Dr. K C Arora, Registrar

Faculty  : Prof. Saloni Sinha
GAAB PUNE Chapter Conveners: 

Mr. Salaam S Luwang - LG Electronics
Mr. Varun Gupta-Tavisca LLC

Alumni Members:

  1. Abhay Agrawal –ICICI MS

  2. Natasha Mahawar- Accenture

  3. Rohi Thakar- Bajaj Finance Ltd

  4. Megha Lakhnawi- Bajaj Finance

  5. Sandeep Tajaude- S T risk consultant

  6. Swakhyar Tiwari- Orient Bell

  7. Geetesh Garg- Infosys

  8. Prashant Jha- Infosys

  9. Hitanshu Verma- Gati, Ltd

  10. Saurabh Mishra- Accenture

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