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Alumni Meet At Chennai

The Chennai chapter meet was held at Hotel Barbeque Roof Top, Periyar Salai, T- Nagar, on 18 Feb, 2017.


The Chennai chapter meet was held at Hotel Barbeque Roof Top, Periyar Salai, T- Nagar, on 18 Feb, 2017. The event commenced at about 7.00 PM.  14 Alumni attended the meeting, viz., Harish Natarajan, Labhanshu Yadav, Jayalakshmi Shanmugham, Asif Ali, Tejaswi, Manojraja M, Aradhana C., Sankli Murugan M, Kirubaharan V., P Mohana Sai Geetha, Jobin T James, Hemant Abar and V Varun.   We also had alumni from the Bhubaneswar campus join the alumni dinner meet. Dr. Abha Rishi attended the meeting on behalf of BIMTECH. 

The meeting commenced with the Convener – V Varun, briefing the alumni with the activities being taken up by the institution for building the Alumni network.  Dr Abha Rishi encouraged the Chennai chapter alumni to take on the onus of making the Association an Alumni initiative instead of an institute initiative as then there would be ownership.  BIMTECH would back the alumni in their efforts.  The floor was then thrown open to suggestions from the alumni for strengthening the association and on how the Alumni network can add value to the Alma Mater.

Below are the suggestions that were discussed:

1. Alumni as Mentor for freshers into the campus:  An online platform could be created where the alumni can interact with current students. Facebook, Whatsapp and Linked In can also be used as the interactive platforms. Here the incoming and current students should be able to choose their mentor (from the available alumni), preferably even as the admission letters are mailed. That way the newcomers will feel more welcomed.

2.. The platform mentioned in point above can also be used by current students for connecting with the alumni in the cities where the students are going for an internship, job. The alumni can guide them for looking for accommodation, transport, food etc.

3.  The platform can also be used as by the alumni for posting short term projects, internships, jobs, etc.

4.  The institution can plan to make alumni connect as a part of the curriculum. It can be an activity which runs round the year.

 5.  Alumni themselves should connect informally more often - as small and large groups for talks, sports activities like cycling, parties, etc. for better bonding amongst the members

The Chennai alumni were very enthusiastic over the suggestions shared. Some of them have shared their interests and the initiatives that they would like to take up. The meeting ended with a desire to meet more often than just once a year.  Even monthly meetings in smaller groups sponsored by the Alumni themselves, was welcomed by the gathering.

The discussion was followed by a sumptuous dinner.    

Dr Abha Rishi

Chairperson, CIED

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