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Dr. Mohammed Tariq, an alumnus of BIMTECH, 


proudly carrying forward the legacy of his alma mater.



Dr Mohammad Tariq- Project Manager of the Year1 Dr. Tariq


Dr. Tariq is the founder of Paradigm Pioneers in UAE, a boutique management consulting firm providing business solutions to investors around the world. In a short period of five years, Paradigm Pioneers has established itself as one of the most innovative consulting firms. The company, strategically located in Dubai Media & Technology Free Zone consists of a core team of highly qualified and experienced consultants setting benchmarks in Strategic Management and Business Setup, Financial Consultancy, Project Management, Environment Solutions, Marketing Solutions and Training.


Few students of PGDM (International Business) 2013-15 batch visited Paradigm Pioneers in Hamariya Free Trade Zones, Sharjah , UAE and met Dr. Tariq in his office on 22nd Feb 2014.


Excerpts of Dr. Tariq’s interaction with BIMTECH students:

Sir, what influenced you to pursue your management education from BIMTECH?

Dr. Tariq: I was looking for a flexible schedule to do management studies while working and found BIMTECH meeting my needs and expectations.

Can you please share some of your experiences while studying in BIMTECH.

Dr. Tariq: It was a great time, although we had space constraints and facilities were few, but the varied back ground of the visiting facility made the experience very enriching. Most of the faculty were practicing management professionals and shared their outlook and helped shape up our persona.

Any experience you consider as a turning point in your life and how it affected you?

Dr. Tariq: Going for Management studies was the turning point after completing my Engineering degree. An advice given to me was that now I am an engineer for life and should try to learn the nuances of managing people rather than machine or computers. Even if I fail I can return to technical job at any time. This one decision changed the shape of things to come.

Business Schools should produce entrepreneurs and leaders and not just managers. What is your view – point on the same?

Dr. Tariq: I totally agree with the statement. Today the vacuum is in leadership and the business schools must focus on producing entrepreneur who will contribute to the betterment of society and lead through sustainable and inclusive growth. Today, challenges are not of repetitive nature and cannot be managed with conventional training and thinking but require a radical and innovative approach towards problem solving.

How did you pursue your career plans post your education at BIMTECH?

Dr. Tariq: I was already working while pursuing my studies. It helped me grow personally and professionally. The management studies also helped understand the process of decision making and logically justify our decision. The background became foundation stone for my entrepreneurial activity and shaped my values and character.

What are your future business plans?

Dr. Tariq: We plan to go to for consolidation after going through the diversification and make our business a socially responsible and sustainable venture.

Can we request for your words of wisdom for our readers?

Dr. Tariq: a. If you don’t try, you fail, so better try and fail. You will never have any regrets in life.

b. Treat people well when you are going up in life because you will meet them again, either when they are going up or you are coming down.

c. Success is a journey not a destination!



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