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Bimtech Premier League : 360 Degree MBA through Sports

Bimtech Premier League or better known as BPL is the cricket tournament held at Birla Institute of management technology at its greater Noida campus. The popularity of this event among its student can simply be observed by the fact that it may be possible that they might not know the name of their faculties but the moment you ask them about BPL, one get immediate response! Team names, their captains, heaps of praises & tones of advice all bundled together.

Now if one observes superficially, there is nothing exceptional in this as it’s about “cricket” & the whole nation is crazy about it. But if one go deeper, it is not difficult to realize that popularity of this event is not attributed only to the sports of cricket. On the contrary, the architecture on which it is actually conducted creates more buzz & hence is the real cause of its popularity in Bimtech. Along with a crazy sport, it provides students a platform where all the streams of MBA course viz. Finance, Marketing, HR etc. seem to be convoluted. It offers a fun oriented chance to students to practically implement their academics into action thereby validating it.

Six teams, Black Tigers, Red Lions, Gladiators, Stallions, War Hawks, and Warriors participate under the guidance of 6 professors acting as team owners. Team owners are decided through lucky draw & each year different professors are assigned as team owner or mentor.

The event starts with a virtual auction of pool of players which is pre selected based on trials conducted by the 22 yards club of Bimtech. This virtual auction provides an outstanding platform to the students to apply their finance skills while virtual purchase of the players.

Each team is given a virtual purse of 10 lakh rupees & the minimum base price for each player starts at 35 thousands. The initial bid moves forward with 5 thousand amount only. Once the bidding reaches 1 lakh, the bid amount is increased to 10 thousands & after reaching 1.5 lakh it is further raised to 15 thousands. The central idea of the bidding process is to efficiently use the purse amount of 10 lakh & built a strong team which has the potential to win the tournament.

Once the team is built, brand managers for each of the 6 teams are selected. The concept of brand manager is specifically designed for marketing students. Parallel to the cricket tournament, Brand managers of all the 6 teams take responsibility of promotion of their teams.
These brand managers get an excellent opportunity to not only implement but also hone their marketing skills with new creative ideas. At the end of the tournament, best brand managers are selected by a panel of professors and are duly rewarded.

Finally the tournament itself offers a unique chance to the participating players for practicing team building process, team work, strategizing & also honing leadership skill particularly for the captains. Different students having different mindset work together as a team to win the competition. Central idea behind this is to develop skill of quick team building & offering students a chance to know how to gel and work efficiently as a team with people of different thought process & mindset.

To the students in the organizing committee, it acts as an excellent chance to showcase and to learn as well Event management skills. Thus an event which superficially might look like any other sports extravaganza, actually acts as a unique, creative & outstanding platform for fun oriented learning of all the artifacts of management.

Bimtech Premier League : 360 Degree MBA through Sports




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