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BIMTECH Wins 2nd price in 9th Study Abroad Fair
organised at FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria



Here is the full narrative from Rohit Vijay PGDM-IB (16-18) who is currently pursuing his exchange program at FH JOANNEUM Graz, Austria as to have BIMTECH 2nd in the event:

The Study Abroad fair was well received by the students of FH Joanneum. I assume that everyone were appreciative of the BIMTECH stall, because we won the second prize!

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Initially only one prize was planned by the organizers, which was to be awarded based on the votes of the students. University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada won the first prize. Then to our surprise, the organizers  said that owing to the tough competition, they were awarding a second prize to BIMTECH, India!. I will be given a Sweater bearing the FH Joanneum logo, later on.

The stall attracted students as well as professors from all the areas. They were intrigued by the information booklets as well as the Indian snacks. There was special interest shown to the doctoral programs at BIMTECH as FH Joanneum does not provide those.

I received feedback that the BIMTECH stall was well equipped with relevant information both in terms of academics and other miscellaneous areas. Although the target audience was quite small, students from other departments such as Design and Architecture, Physiotherapy etc were extremely curious about BIMTECH. Some students even wanted to be photographed with the stall to get the Indian vibe! The students were mesmerized by the various pictures of the BIMTECH campus and the plethora events that take place every trimester.


I have attached the pictures from the event. The BIMTECH stall was placed right next to the stall from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan. I guess they wanted to recreate the actual situation, but this only generated friendly competition between the neighbors. And we complemented each other- they brought the sweets(gulab jamoon, laddo etc) and we brought the savory items!

I am thankful for your unflinching support and guidance in representing BIMTECH. This success would not have been possible without the Institute’s timely response and enthusiasm. I am confidant that this event would result in greater influx of international students to BIMTECH.

BIMTECH Wins 2nd price in 9th Study Abroad Fair




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