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(Qualification, Work Experience, Pay, Perks & Other Benefits)

 Last Date to apply: 10th Sep. 2017

S. NO. Area Cadre/ Level Courses to be taught Qualification & Skill Set Desired Minimum Academic Experience Desired Minimum Industry Experience
1. Insurance Assistant Professor Non-Life Ph.D/ FPM or PhD pursuing from a reputed University / Institute, First Class Post Graduate in Insurance Management from a Premier Institute / University, Excellent Academic Record AIII/FIII/ACII (Diploma/Certificate) 5 Years, At least 3 publications in reputed national/ international journals in last 2 years At least 5 years
2. Insurance Associate Professor (Adjunct) Non-Life First Class Post Graduate in Insurance Management from a Premier Institute / University, Excellent Academic Record AIII/FIII/ACII (Diploma/Certificate) 10 Years, At least 6 publications in reputed national/ international journals in last 5 years (for Associate Professor) At least 5 years (out of 20 years total experience) in specialized sectors at a senior level
3. Business Communication Assistant Professor Business Communication, Managing Self & Career Good Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills & Presentation Skills 4-5 Years, At least 3 publications in reputed national/ international journals in last 2 years NA
1. OB & HR Associate / Assistant Professor Organisational Behaviour Organization Development Manpower Planning Ph.D/ FPM from a reputed University / Institute, Post Graduate from a Premier Institute / University, Excellent Academic Record Teaching experience of 8-10 years, At least 6 publications in reputed national/ international journals in last 5 years (for Associate Professor) Guiding Ph.D student is highly desirable At least 3 publications in reputed national/ international journals in last 2 years (for Assistant Professor) 3-5 years’ experience of designing and delivering MDPs and Consultancy Assignments for both Public and Private Sector companies.


Minimum Academic Qualification: Ph.D / FPM from reputed university/Institute related to the area of teaching.
Relaxations: If the candidate has served in the top position for at least 5 years (out of 20 years total experience) in a well-known corporate house and the committee feels that the candidate can contribute significantly for the institutional building, the minimum requirement of doctorate degree can be relaxed.
Faculty Orientation Desired: Require faculty who are focused on research, new pedagogy and have global outlook in management education and shall be comfortable in interaction with the government for research, Management Development Programmes and consultancy projects. Research and publication output is highly desirable.
Pay, Allowances & Perks: As per AICTE pay scales.
Fringe Benefits, Training & Development of Faculty:

1. Internal research grant of Rs. 1 Lakh and support for external grants from AICTE/other organisations every year.
2. Financial support for faculty to present their research papers in international and/or national conferences of their area or on research which are peer reviewed. Institute will fund the faculty twice every year for national conference and once in two years for international conference for research paper presentation. Faculty may be allowed funding up to 50% for any conference participation in addition to the above provided she/he gets funding for at least 50% or more from some other institute/agency of repute.
3. Sponsorship for external Faculty Development Programme once a year and 6 days in-house FDP every year.
4. Free Group Medical Insurance: 5 lakh floater cover for family.
5. Free Annual Executive Health check-up.


Note: The applicants must fill the Faculty Application Form (FAF) and Annexure 1 and send to the Email ID:



Assistant / Associate Professor (Learning & Development)

Overall Purpose and Objective of the Position:

Developing CMDC, and its policies, rules, processes and systems, its product list and calendar , and network for marketing , internal and external networking, enriching order book and enable delivery of MDPs, leading to development of Faculty Members and branding of BIMTECH, in line with its Vision and Values.

Assistant / Associate Professor (Learning & Development) helps with the on-going, long-term improvement of client-organisation’s employees’ skills, enabling them to fulfil their potential within their organisation. Increasingly, this position holder is required to be strategic rather than reactive, assessing the skills and knowledge within an organisation and determining what training is needed to grow and retain these skills.


  • Develop and Design MDPs and Training Program:

The position needs to deal with training and development roles for industry/clients, with a variety of activities, keeping in mind the type and size of organizations, and their training and development needs. However, activities may generally include some or all of the following:

Identifying training and development needs within an organisation through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business managers and human resources departments, as needed.

Designing and developing training and development programmes based on the organisation’s and the individual’s needs.
Preparing Annual MDP Brochure containing products, in consultation with Faculty Members and clients.

Preparing Program specific brochures/announcement leaflets for communicating Open MDPs.

Marketing of BIMTECHs Management Development Programmes (MDPs) and Contact companies to organize and market in-house MDP programmes with specific Corporates/Organizations and obtain the minimum required number of nominees/participants.

Developing a clear Order Book for delivery of MDPs, scanning the market for new opportunities and identify and initiate new business partnerships with potential clients for organizing MDPs.

Entering into MOUs with Corporates and Institutions for tie ups in delivering MDPs,
Coordinate and conduct meetings with prospective clients in the govt., PSUs and private companies etc. for training/consultancy assignments to the Institute.
Produce training material for MDPs and In house coordination with various faculties for design/delivery of content and providing support.
Devising a training strategy for a client organization, if needed, Monitoring and reviewing the progress of trainees covered in specific organization, through questionnaires/other connects and discussions.
Evaluating training and development programmes, amending and revising programmes as necessary in order to adapt to changes occurring/assessed in client organization / market.
Keeping up to date with developments in training and development by reading relevant journals, going to client meetings and attending relevant courses.
Having an understanding of e-learning techniques, and where relevant, being involved in the creation and/or delivery or e-learning packages.



You will need to have:

  • interpersonal skills that enable you to work with people at all levels, motivate others and change people’s attitudes when necessary
  • written and spoken communication skills that allow you to inform and advise others clearly
  • problem-solving and negotiation skills
  • initiative and the ability to offer new ideas
  • organisational and planning skills to manage your time and to meet deadlines and objectives
  • good time-keeping skills to enable you to effectively manage training schedules
  • personal commitment to improving your own knowledge and skills.

Work experience:

Minimum 20 years of experience.


Kindly send your resume and faculty application form along with annexure 1 to the mail mentioned below

HR Department : Ms Himani  



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