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Centre for Research Studies,  Research Workshop Series

Content Analysis Workshop


The Centre for Research Studies, BIMTECH organised a Content Analysis Workshop on January, 28 th & 29 th , 2017 under its Research Workshop Series. The workshop was held at BIMTECH Campus in Greater Noida and was an attempt to acquaint budding researchers and faculty with qualitative research methods and tools of analysis. Prof. Srinath Jagannathan, of IIM Indore was the workshop resourse person.

The Workshop received 22 participants from across academia and industry which included research scholars and faculty from Jammu University, SRM University, Lovely Professional University and Birla Global University and people from industry like Eli India Ltd. as well as faculty and research scholars from BIMTECH.

The proceedings of the workshop started by a Inaugural address by Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Director BIMTECH. Dr.A.Sahay, Dean Research, BIMTECH in his address, highlighted the importance of Qualitative methods and their increasing acceptance in the research world.

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The workshop started with a background of qualitative research and a quick brief on the importance of Content Analysis. The first day of workshop focused on Content Analysis through the software – Diction. Day 2 focused on developing contructs and dictionary with a focus on conjoint analysis and learning about another software – Hamlet.

In the session 1, the focus was how to frame the narratives from the issues of different genres. As an exercise narratives were colleted from the workshop participants on “Impact on demonitizaion on individuals”. Session 2 was about how to do a content analysis of the narratives collected using the Diction software. Session 3 and 4 dealt with the details about the Diction Software,

Master variables, what do these master variables mean and how to create our own dictionary. On day 2, Session 5 and 6 were about the Hamlet software, how to apply it on the data. Session 7 was on conjoint analysis, writing the program and solving it through SPSS software. In session 8, Professor Jagannath shared his articles and case studies. Throughout the workshop, there was knowledge sharing between the resource person and the participants with insightful dialogues. The main attraction of the workshop was the course facilitator Prof. Jagannathan who delivered each session with enthusiasm and open interactions, full of energy. He gave personal attention to all the partcipants and ensured that each one of them understood the tools well. Professor Srinath also shared his works and several research projects in which he himself was involved in. The workshop received a very positive feedback from participants (94% of participants were extremely happy to be a part of the workshop) and 21% of them have requested the Centre to conduct these kind of workshops in future frequently. 58% of the participants felt the duration of workshop should be extended, as it was rich in content and knowledge with the practical application.

Content Analysis Workshop




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