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Name : Chanakya Purohit and Shreshth Goyal
Business Name: CnS agro
Website Name: www.

Details of the company:
CnS agro is an agriculture based company, founded by Chanakya Purohit and Shreshth Goyal which aspires to work in the field of dairy and greenhouse farming. The main focus of the business is in the automation of dairy and agricultural practices. The business model is based on B2B carrying a vision to cater the untouched demand of the respective sectors.

Name : Absar Haider Kazmi
Business Name: PNJ Hub
Website Name: www.

Details of the company:
Professional Networking Joint is an online consulting platform focusing on Vastu, Interior Designing, Legal Dispute and settlements, Taxation, Corporate Governance & Compliances, Mergers and Acquisitions and Real Estate advisory through a well network of service providers and in house experts in India & Global.
Company is engaged in providing Consultancy Services keeping in mind the client service with a team of highly qualified professionals.

PNG Antique
Name : Abhishek Uboveja
Business Name: PNJ Antiques
Website Name: www.

Details of the company:
PNJ Antiques is a platform for antique lovers. It is a website which links the consumers interested in purchasing antiques with suppliers interested in selling antiques. It also acts as a platform where antique lovers of all over the world attend exhibitions all across the globe and discussion forums are held by industry experts who share the history of past with the future.

Amresh Rai
Name : Amaresh Kumar Rai
Business Name: T-lytix
Website Name: www.

Details of the company:
T-lytix is a Customer Intelligence platform that utilizes Personal & Geographic demographic information to solve a real world problem faced by almost all Financial Institutions.
Financial Institutions spend a lot of time & money acquiring customers for Financial products like Home Loans, Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, ULIPs etc. After acquiring a customer though, they find it difficult to Cross-Sell other related products to the same customer. T-lytix provides solution to the these problems. It provides crucial Customer Insight, thereby enabling Financial Institutions to Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Financial products to their existing and ever-growing customer-base, and at less than 10% of the cost of acquiring a new customer.

AGRO LOGO-1 Prof.Madan Sharma
Name : M Sharma
Business Name: Green-N-Clean Agro India Pvt.Ltd.
Website Name: www.

Details of the company:
The Green-N-Clean Agro India Pvt.Ltd. is a Company which works on rural society empowerment and actively work on agriculture waste management and disposal of all type of agriculture waste material into meaningful products (Mushroom, Biogas & organic farming). Now the company’s only focus is into recycle agri-waste into one type of product i.e. Button Mushroom. Company is planning to launch its project in Bharatpur (Rajasthan) soon, with the production capacity of 24-30 ton Mushroom per year (TPA). The firm is also planning to produce Biogas, vermin compost and to start organic farming.

Name : Anil Upadhyay
Business Name: DIGI Shiksha
Website Name: www.

Details of the company:
DIGI Shiksha is offering services in IT consulting, Software development, ERP and user interface design. They are working on diverse projects ranging from simple information systems and websites to complex enterprise type architectures, desktop or web-enabled applications, traditional n-tier and service oriented architectures.

DIGI Shiksha provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your institution. The various modules available in DIGI Shiksha facilitate all the processes of your institution, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies. DIGI Shiksha has modules to manage Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, Grade books, Campus News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, Health Card, School Calendar, Events and many more. They are also offering the following services – Restaurant and Hotel management system, Online Examination system, E- Commerce, Mobile and Web Application, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) and Digital Marketing

Morphedo Logo
Name : Sushil Baranwal
Business Name: Morphedo Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Website Name: http://

Details of the company:
Morphedo Technologies Pvt.Ltd., is a 3D printing venture foundered by Mr.Sushil Baranwal, Ms.Manya Jha, Mr.Sanchet Kumar and Ms.Anusha Pasya students of BIMTECH. The venture has been registered under the Companies Act.

TestFormula Logo
Name : Deepak Kumar Goel
Business Name: TestFormula Education Pvt Ltd
Website Name:

Details of the company:, an Online Education Venture which provides study material for the school students (Currently CBSE 10th to 12th) & Competition exams like IIT, NEET, CPT, GPAT, Bank PO & upcoming with many more. It also provides complete performance reports of students along with customized/personalized guidance to each student, thereby effectively filling this gap.

TestFormula Team Constantly works on innovative technology in education sector &try to achieve best educational service at affordable price.Deepak believes that “Education is the finest power of empowerment, we can’t deny anyone from it& one day we would reach to each & every student in need”

Felidae Systems
Name : Manish Jain
Business Name: Felidae Systems
Website Name:

Details of the company:
Felidae Systems is focused in the Energy Conservation and Efficiency improvement sector. Felidae Systems has done Building Management Systems, and Energy Management Systems. Company is developing Online Energy Monitoring System using the Internet Of Things (IoT) technology using which energy parameters can be viewed in Real time.

Felidae System is founded by Manish Jain, B.Tech(Hons), M. Tech.(IIT- Roorkee), Certified Energy Manager(BEE). He has 13 years of Industrial experience ranging from Energy Metering, Automotive, industrial automation and marine electronics. His global exposure involves working experience in countries like UK, Sweden and Germany.

Foot&Boot logo
Name : Praveen PK
Business Name: Foot & Boot
Website Name:

Details of the company:
A sport oriented NGO, with a special focus on football. Provides a platform for every sport enthusiast to join & play by organizing leagues & tournaments. Runs football schools (centres of learning football) for underprivileged children. Take care of CSR & employee engagement activities for companies.

Name : Anish Chhabra
Business Name: Candy Pup
Website Name: http:///

Details of the company:
Candy Pup is focused on manufacturing the chocolates .The venture has started its operation in 2015. The company is making the chocolate using some of the essence which the European companies are using, especially the Austrian companies. Mr.Anish Chhabra is the founder of this venture.

Name : Chand Kumar
Business Name: EasyProp
Website Name:

Details of the company:
EasyProp is an online realty portal under its parent company “Headon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” EasyProp is a first of its kind online realty portal which will provide “Real Time Inventory Tracking System” integrated with 3-D visualization of the properties. Unlike current trend, this will further augment the appeal to approach realty portal not only to see the listings of properties, but also to see their availability on real time basis in augmented realty fashion.
To augment the entire ecosystem for on-line booking of properties, EasyProp had decided to be laser focused on transparency factors and so, we are providing accurate data records of all the approvals/sanctions & licenses/clearances details required for any project to be started or for completion (depending on the various stages of projects).
EasyProp intends to look beyond the traditional Buying/Selling/Renting services and would dare to include additional services like interior/exterior service & legal/property documentation support & services in order to achieve the definition of ‘complete property solution under one roof’, which is the motto of EasyProp. The EasyProp team consist of Mr.Chand Kumar (Founder), Mr.Pawan Yadav, Mr. Ankesh Kumar ( Co –Founders ) , Mr.Abdul Rahim and Mr.Arvind Singh ( Team members ).

Name : Mandy Sidana
Business Name: Psychd Analytics Pvt.Ltd.
Website Name:

Details of the company:
Psychd mission statement is “To process psychometric information and deduce results for better human bonding in education, hiring and relationships”. Psychd is currently offering free tests and social profiling for users on which helps people understand themselves better and find compatible Facebook friends. Psychd also aims to deliver on cloud based solution for small companies – a huge yet untapped market in India through its upcoming portal. Being an API based platform, Psychd is also integrating with other online services to help reach the greater goal of helping people gain emotional and psychological intelligence. The founder of Psychd is Mr.Mandy Sidana and the Marketing Partner is Ms.Jasmine Singh