About DIGITS 2018

Important Dates
Abstract Submission deadline 15-October-2017
Decision on Abstracts 30-October-2017
Submit Full Paper 30-November-2017


Digital innovation are fundamentally transforming the world of business and the society. It is difficult to think of any business process or functional area in contemporary firms that is unaffected by digital technologies. From our personal experience and from what we witness taking place around us, it is easy to see how digitization is changing our lives in many ways, including how we learn, work, play, communicate, and do business. Because digital technologies create both opportunities and challenges, there is a need for academics, industry and government players to come together to understand their strategic and policy implications for informing their actions.

DIGITS 2018 will feature research papers, panels and keynote speakers to examine strategic, economic, and policy implications of the opportunities and threats of digits innovations and transformations.



List of Topic

  • Digital Transformations 
  • Digital strategies and performance implications
  • Entrepreneurship and New Business models enabled by digitization 
  • Digital platforms and markets 
  • Crowdsourcing and the sharing economy 
  • Digitization and co-creation of value 
  • Productivity and performance effects of digital technologies 
  • Governance of Digital resources  
  • Executing and implementing digital strategies
  • The economics of digital goods
  • Digitization of economies, industries, societies, and culture
  • Emerging technologies and innovations such as cloud computing, business and data analytics, machine Learning
  • Digitization, human capital, and the transformation of labor markets
  • Digital skills, digital intelligence, and impacts at individual, household, regional, and firm level
  • Dark side of digital technologie