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Distt Jail – Ghaziabad, Dasna LIBRARY JAIL WEEK (5-8thSept 2016)


“Nothing happens until something moves” – Albert Einstien, With great joy and happiness, student volunteers of Dasna Jail got together and met over evening snacks to chalk out the activities for year 2016-17. This time a new team got constituted with few senior student mentors so as to guide the new incoming batch. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Rishi Tiwari, Secretary and Chief Mentor of Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare & Library Development alongwith Ms. Rupali Singh, member Ranganathan and co-ordinator for Dasna Jail activities. Senior student members namely Anchal Gupta, Madhav Singh and Harsh Mittal were also present to share their experiences of the past.

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As per plan, the team visited the Jail on 10th August 2016 and met the Sr. Jail Superintendent Mr. Shiv Prakash Yadav. Mr. Shivaji Singh, Deputy Jailor took us around various facilities inside the jail namely, barracks of males and females, library of Ranganathan Society, hospital and kitchen. They were very hospitable and co-operative towards our ideas and intentions to continue with student-driven activities for the jail inmates of Distt– Ghaziabad, Dasna. Students were accompanied with Ms. Rupali Singh and Harsh Mittal, senior student mentor.

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Students had mixed reactions- excitement and anxiousness. They had a very different picture about the jail, however, this visit helped them understand the reality. Dasna Jail is very well organized, neat and clean and green with CCTV’s all around.

After receiving permission from the Jail authorities, students started planning the logistics and requirements related to prizes, guest invitations, inmate registrations, pamphlet and certificates printing, booking transport and collecting material for various activities. There was lot of excitement and new ideas flowing from each and every member. Finally, the students encapsulated a four day programme to kick start the year long activities from 5-8th Sept.

In order to get registrations and participation, few students alongwith Ms. Rupali Singh and Madhav Singh, senior student mentor met the jail authorities and shared their pamphlets and complete four day programme on 3rd September 2016.

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5th September 2016, Day 1 was action packed Management Games day for both male and female jail inmates.  Ice-breaking was done by Lemon race. It was organized in batches of 20 each wherein each participant is given a lemon and a spoon. All participants have to stand on the start line and cover a distance of almost 15-20 feet walking with lemon in the spoon. Once the race starts, they cannot touch the spoon and accordingly winners were announced separately for males and females sections depending on the ones who completed the race without lemons falling from spoons and coming first. It results in a lot of excitement alongwith balancing skills of mind and body – You need to concentrate on the spoon and lemon while also walking steadily so as to win the race.

Secondly, participants were made to play Bucket and water game. Teams of four were made and each team given a bucket full of water and an empty one and a sponge. The members had to basically team up to fill the empty bucket kept at around 50 meters distance with help of sponge only. The team who filled the bucket first was announced as winners. This resulted in team management skills, co-ordination and strategy to complete the task first.

Tug-of-war was the finale of the events for the day. It was great excitement while teams of around 20 members on each side of a thick rope trying to pull it towards them. It displayed their strength and also strategy to win the game. Students volunteers who conducted the events were Tripti Singh, Manasi Raju, Jasmin Veluru, Mudit and Kanishka Mendevell


6th September 2016, Day 2 was literary round of events involving Essay Writing competition and Painting competition on give themes. Males and females stood in competition in separate teams with same topics. Participants were given 30 minutes for writing the essay on “Samaaj mein badte apraadh ke kaaran aur nivaran” or “Apne bachhon ke liye kaisi duniyaa chahte hain” and 60 minutes for making paintings on topic “Mere aas paas ki sundartaa” or “life in 2050”. Students had taken all required material with them namely, colors, white sheets, pencils etc. The participants were highly enthusiastic in expressing their views. The competition for males took place in the library area. Winners were announced according to three parameters namely content, relevance to the topic and creativity. Student volunteers who conducted the events were Tripti and Anshul and Ashish.

7th September 2016, Day 3 was Extempore and games like Chess, Carrom and Ludo. Games boosted their team spirit and made them learn to accept their defeat positively. It was a delight to hear them speak freely on “dosti ka mahatav” or “zindagi ek safar”. Many participants became emotionally connected and felt very light after their heart out. Winners were selected according to the content, time management and expression. Student volunteers who conducted the events were Ajay Karan and Neha Jain.

8th September 2016, Day 4 was the final day of the event with Quiz competition and Prize distribution for winners of all activities. Chief Guest for the day was Dr. Sitesh Alok, M.A., Ph.D. from Allahabad University and Master in Music from Bhatkhande Sangit Mahavidyalaya (Pune). He is a Writer, poet, editor, social worker, loves classical music, painting, travel. Special Study of The Ramayan, Ramcharit Manas, Mahabharat, Koran and Manusmriti.

Six teams of six members each participated in the Quiz competition. One team of female inmates and five teams of male inmates participated and went through numerous rounds of questions put up by students. Score board showed the scores of each round and filled the atmosphere with immense curiosity and anticipation as there was negative marking for wrong answers. The programme was conducted in the central arena with good audience. The evening was full of cheer and joy with winners getting certificates and gift hampers from the chief guest and Mr. Shiv Prakash Yadav, Sr. Jail Superintendent, Distt- Ghaziabad Jail, Dr. Sunil Tyagi, Doctor and other jail authorities alongwith Ms. Rupali Singh, co-ordinator, Dasna Jail, BIMTECH.

Dr. Alok spoke to the inmates and encouraged them to be a good human being and motivated them to conduct themselves as responsible citizens on the nation. The participants were totally engrossed in his speech and welcomed his thoughts with rounds of applauses. Mr. Anand Pandey, member of jail administration thanked the chief guest and other jail authorities for sparing their time to be amongst the inmates so as to make the spirits of inmates high. Ms. Rupali Singh thanked all present for having participated in great numbers in all the events conducted by student volunteers and expressed her experience of being amongst them during the activities. She also promised them for more fun-filled learning activities and modules for skill development. She also expressed her gratitude to the jail authorities for giving them the opportunity in carrying out the activities. Dr. Awadesh Shirotriya, member of Ranganathan Society’s presence on last day was a great motivation as students’ received immense help and co-operation in co-ordinating the event. Student volunteers from BIMTECH who conducted the event were Aakriti Jain, Parth Jauhari, Krittika Biswas, Rohit Sinha and Sourabh. 

The whole event was covered by media – Dainik Jagran and Navoday Times respectively.

With this the event came to an end leaving all of us more energetic and positive for more activities and modules for the jail inmates.

“You never know when one kind act or one word of encouragement will change a life forever”

Distt Jail – Ghaziabad, Dasna LIBRARY JAIL WEEK (5-8th Sept 2016)




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