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Industrial Visit To Jakson plant (PGDM-I year, Batch 15-17)

On 1st August 2015 we had a scheduled visit to the Jakson Plant. The visit was planned in the afternoon and occurred between 1300 and 1700 hrs.

The entire visit can be elaborated in two categories:

1) Interactive session/ Briefing with HR Head: Mr.Sanjeev Sharma, the HR head for the plant furnished us with a brief introduction to the plant. The Jakson plant at Greater Noida, is a private entity with a headcount of around 300 employees. Around 25 of these are on permanent payroll whereas the rest are on contractual basis. We could also glean that Jakson has struck collaboration with Cummins engg. for procurement and usage of their engines. This vital nature of this collaboration was the zone based division of rival companies which gave all companies employing Cummins Engines a niche and profitable.  We were also given an insight on how Jakson is diversifying its businesses into hospitality (Hotel chain modelled on Ginger Inn. By Tata) and Education (Jakson colleges and schools) sectors.

2) Visit to the assembly line: This part of the visit was a practical tour of how the plant functioned. The Jakson plant basically was an assembly unit which dealt with building Gensets (15-25 avg.). Jakson had developed its own technology to counter the noise the engine produced by employing a technique called “canopying”. This managed to cut the noise level by about 75-80% (as stated). This also happened to be the USP of the Genset and was responsible for providing the edge it deserved in the market.  The cooling system, powder painting, control system design and manufacturing of the enclosures were done by Jakson. The waste which the plant generated in terms of metal scrap chiefly from cutting/shearing and welding purposes were completely being recycled (as stated) and employed for further usage.

We also realized that Jakson had ventured into solar power utilization and had planned to make its entire plant self sustained using this renewable energy. They had also been able to carve a niche market by building the first solar powered Genset in India. They had also ventured into solar RO which gives clean potable water using reverse osmosis and planned to promote the same in rural India.

The Visit also provided an opportunity to interact with Shop floor workers and laborers. We were able to understand the routine operation of the plant and were also given impetus to ponder on how and where automation of processes could be done.

The visit was beneficial to understand the operation of a plant and to study the working of industries and the importance of remaining relevant by constant value addition to a product through research and development.


Industry Visit by PGDM-I Year,Batch 2015-2017




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