Faculty exchange and research

Student Joint Research Program

Students work on live projects and collaborate in teams with students from partner institutions such as FH Joanneum, Austria; University of Hertfordshire, UK; Philadelphia Unicersity, USA. Joint Research Projects give students an understanding of multi-market mechanism, virtual team work, complexities of working across time zones and working and collaborating with teams with different cultural orientation. The request by partner institution for such projects is circulated to student group ids and updated on NAT periodically.

Research Partnership

Research is high priority at BIMTECH. Knowledge creation and knowledge Dissemination is one of the most supported activity and it is planned in partnership with academic fraternity internationally. BIMTECH has several Research groups in following areas which conduct research at national and international level. Some of the researches are published in the top ranked journals in authorship of the research group.

  • Emerging Market
  • Social Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Women Entrepreneurship
  • Retail Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Case Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

BIMTECH has also received funded research projects from European Union, USAID, BIS and many other funding agencies and academic institutions. These projects have been in the domain of higher education, management, economic development, and cross cultural management. BIMTECH intellectual capital and infrastructure support has build capacity to conduct researches with national and international agencies in India and outside India.

May we invite your interest at international@bimtech.ac.in