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JWEF@12th November, 2016

singhJunior World Entrepreneurship Forum is derived from the World Entrepreneurship Forum which is held across 26 countries and BIMTECH is the only management institution to organize JWEF in India. JWEF is all about promoting entrepreneurship as a valid career opportunity, to bring out the young entrepreneurs, to produce and introduce new ideas and innovative practices.

This year, BIMTECH E-cell successfully organised JWEF 5.0 on 12th November. Students from colleges across the country, along with students from our own college, participated in JWEF. The inaugural function started with a welcome address by the Director Dr.H Chaturvedi followed by an introductory speech by E-cell’s mentor Dr.Abha Rishi about JWEF, E-Cell and entrepreneurship at large. We had eminent speakers like Mr.Pawanjit Singh, who is Head-Innovation at Mc’Donalds India. He shared his ideas about entrepreneurship and how the aspiring entrepreneurs of today must move from being job seekers to job creators. He also stressed that the traits of creation is not limited to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs can also drive innovation from within the organisation. We also had Mr Venugopal Gupta, CEO at Venture Works, an organization that helps raise fund for start-ups. He enlightened the audience with a financial background that must go in when you form a start-up. After the inaugural speeches the JWEF 5.0 was announced open by the Director, Dr. H Chaturvedi.


For the three competitions that were organised, our esteemed jury consist of our very own faculty as well as many reputed people from the business industry like Mr.Vivek Agarwal, Director, InDutch Ventures Services , Mr.Sahil Verma, Chief Legal Counsel, TURN 8. Prizes worth Rs.1Lakh were distributed among winners and participants. Two online events were also conducted, which had an exceptional level of participation during the six days of the events.



  1. B-Plan:No Entrepreneurship event is complete without a business plan competition, we also had Venture Capitalists in the jury for this event giving the participants a peek into their future as Start-ups.
  2. Corporate Cut:A competition where the participants came in as individuals, were teamed up and then worked together on one idea. This was a sneak-peak into the Corporate world.
  3. The Negotiator:After all real job of a manager is to convince on his own terms. If you want it your way! Negotiate it your own way!
  4. Render It(Online Event):Photographic memory is the strongest memory that we have! Render-It was a test for this part of the brain where one was required to figure out the person/logo in the picture given.
  5. Pitch It(Online Event): A good entrepreneur is the one who can get his ideasthrough at the right time and right place. Pitch it was all about pitching a Start-up idea for the situation given.

The events were later followed by an elaborate valedictory function where we had eminent speakers like Mr Ashok Madhukar, Chairman and Principal Advisor, Strategic Development, Afro-Asian Development Consortium and Mr Rajeev Semwal, Managing Partner Quarizon. Talks by these speakers were followed by Prize Distribution after which Dr Abha Rishi concluded the event with a vote of thanks.

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Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum




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