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The Library is advised by a Committee of experts in different disciplines. Faculty members of various disciplines are the members of the library committee with one senior member as a Convener. The Director of the Institute is the Chairman of the Committee. The Head of Library generally acts as the Member-Secretary of the Committee. The functions of the Committee are to assist and advise the Head of Library in formulation of library policies, purchase of library materials, improvement of library and information services, and operational matters.

The Library provides each member of the committee with an orientation to collection development policies and procedures. The advisory committee also reviews and assists in revising the allocation of collection development funds to best meet the needs of all disciplines. The committee meets regularly to advise the Library in a wide range of other collection development issues.

The Library Committee advises the Director on the following matters

  • Provide an effective forum to the working faculties to communicate their suggestions for the provision of effective library and information services. Evolve collection development policies and procedures including journals subscription.
  • Formulate the rules concerned to circulation policies.
  • Advice on budget proposals, manpower development etc.
  • Recommend the write-off lost documents, obsolete and old books etc.
    Advise on development of infrastructural facilities including space, furniture, reprographic and computer facilities.
    The term of the committee will be for a period of one year.
  • Long Term Development Planning.
  • Library Budget in respect of Books, Periodicals, Manpower, Furniture and other equipments required for library from time to time.
  • General library rules and regulations.
  • To subscribe electronic data bases


Serial Number Name Designation
1. Dr. H. Chaturvedi
2. Dr. Rahul Singh Convenor
3. Dhruva Chak Member
4. Prof. K.K. Krishnan Member
5. Kamal Kalra Member
6. Manoj K. Pandey Member
7. S.Ghosh Member
8. Navin Shrivastava Member
9 Rishi Tiwari Member
10. Abhijeet Lele Member