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A report on activity on continuous improvements


As a part of our drive toward continuous improvements, a special training workshop was organized for support staff members from various administrative and functional division of BIMTECH.

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The workshop was designed for inculcating Team Spirit amongst staff members. The main objective of the workshop was to understand the interdependence of different functional and support divisions of the institute with each other.

Professor K. R. Chari was the faculty.

Through a game of Broken Squares, many points were clarified like;

  • Mutual understanding of others needs in the organisation,
  • How one’s work is connected and/or effecting the others’ work in the system,
  • How to develop a team spirit and collaborative work culture,
  • Communicating with team members and understanding the source of problems and solving them through team effort.

The entire group of 18 staff members were formed in to three teams of five each, as in the table below.

Team No.
1 Prof. Manoj Pandey
Mr. Anshuman(Admission)
Mr. Mahesh Kohad(Admin)
Mr. Naresh Kumar(Admin)
Mr. Sachin(MDP)
2 Ms. Reenu Yadav(Admission)
Mr. Dinesh(Admin)
Mr. Dharmesh Kumar (Admin)
Mr. Prince (Admission)
Mr. Valsan Nair(MDP)
3 Mr. Abhinav Kumar (MDP)
Mr. Chandan(IT)
Mr. Parshant(MDP)
Ms. Sangita Safaya(Admission)
Mr. Shiva Kant(Admin)
Team Supervisor Mr. Sunil C(CIED)
Mr. Deepak Raturi(IT)
Mr. Kamal Narayan Tiwari(Dean Office)

2 3 5

Management Game Session




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