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“The Brotherhood”- A documentary on religious forbearance by Mr. Pankaj Parashar, Bureau   Head Hindustan, pre-reviewed at BIMTECH, Greater Noida on 24th April, 2017.


In its endeavor to inculcate national values, BIMTECH, Greater Noida takes pride in creating platforms for open dialogues on burning issues which are a threat to the unity of the nation. The effort is to bring the community together to voice their feelings unabashedly, and make the region a glaring example of progressive and culturally inclusive governance. In the wake of religious and racist intolerance that Greater Noida is currently infamous for, as well as the “Azaan” and “Jagraata” row reaching jarring decibels nationwide, the story of religious forbearance at Greater Noida hamlets Ghodibacchheda and Tilbegumpur comes as a great leveller. It couldn’t have been a better time to host a conglomerate of august radical dissenters at BIMTECH for a pre-view of well timed documentary “The Brotherhood” on 24th April, 2017. The social film is a creation of Shri Pankaj Parashar, Senior journalist and whistleblower. The eminent guests on the occasion were Shri N P Singh, DM, GB Nagar, Shri Vivekanand Tripathi, News Editor, Hindustan, Thakur Dhirendra Singh, MLA, Jewar, and Shri Tejpal Singh Nagar, MLA, Dadri.


It was an opportune moment for the institute to showcase this 22 minute saga of the rich history of Greater Noida that resonate harmonious religious coexistence. The documentary created by senior journalist Shri Pankaj Parashar, Bureau Head, Hindustan is inspired by an unfortunate lynching episode that occurred in the year 2015 at Dadri Bishada in Western UP, which smirched the image of the state immensely.  Thus, it became cardinal for people to know the real spirit of Greater Noida. During this Dadri episode, it came as an eye opener to many oblivious of the fact that Bhati Muslims of today were the erstwhile Gurjar tribe. Shri Parashar brings forth the legacy in the beautiful time travel depicted through annals of history of Bhati Hindus and Bhati Muslims. It was interesting to know that during Partition no Muslim family were made to leave Bhatner to go to Pakistan  as they were assured by the brethrens of peaceful coexistence. Till date, in Ghodibacchheda and Tilbegumpur, the warps and wefts of Bhagwavastra and Taquiya weave a beautiful symphony of the Mahatma “Since God is one, there is only one religion”-that of brotherhood.


The documentary received an overwhelming response from the audience who were a great representative of Greater Noida inclusivity.  Post screening, the dignitaries shared their views on the film. Shri N P Singh, DM, G B Nagar reiterated that more such concerted efforts should be made to bring forth inclusive development. He also opined that this documentary is rightly timed as it will not only speak of unity, but would also inculcate national values among the younger generations. Shri Tejpal Nagar, Dadri MLA congratulated the filmmaker and shared his pangs of how Dadri has dealt with the lynching episode. Thakur Dhirendra Singh, the MLA of Jewar proudly cited how the Muslim brothers reposed faith in the Hindu community and chose humanity over religiosity.

At the end of the panel discussion, Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH, expressed his gratitude to the conglomerate from the protagonist villages for its awesome representation of quintessential “brotherhood”.  He assured the authorities that BIMTECH will be ever willing to join hands in establishing an inclusive culture and support any intiative that leads to nation building. He thanked Shri Parashar for choosing BIMTECH to unfold the beautiful story of harmony of Ghodibacchheda and Tilbegumpur.  The history must be revisited and roots must be respected so that the country forever keeps brotherhood paramount.

“The Brotherhood”- A documentary on religious forbearance by Mr. Pankaj Parashar, Bureau Head Hindustan, pre-reviewed at BIMTECH, Greater Noida




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