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Cyclathon for Bimtech Family Members-14

cy.5First time in the history of Bimtech, Bimtech Cycle Club: Born to Paddle (BCC)  organized  the event “Cyclathon for Bimtech Family Members-14” for  Faculties, Scholars and Staff members of Bimtech on Saturday morning ,22nd March 2014. The purpose was to organize a recreational activity with health benefits. What else could be better than something to kick-start a day with healthy activity like cycling paired with fun. Our dear mentors Dr. Rishi Tiwari, Faculty In charge –Sports , Mr.  Awadhesh Kumar Shirotriya, Sports Officer and executive members BCC came up with this brilliant idea .

With the enthusiasm of participants, the big day for “Cyclathon for Bimtech Family Members-14” turned to be a successful event. Taking into consideration the age of participants, race was divided into two groups i.e. above 40 years and below 40 years. The above 40 group  covered 4 km distance and Below 40 group covered 7km. The event started at 7:10 am on Saturday morning . We were amazed to see participation of faculty Dr. H. Chaturvedi, (Sporty Director Sir), Prof. A. Sahay, Prof. Chari, Prof. Anuj Sharma, Dr. Rishi Tiwari, Mr.Atul Juyal , with the presence of Prof. Chari , the fun is irrestible .

cy 8Bimtech Sataff members’ Mr. Rajib Sharma, Mr.Deshraj Sharma,Ms. Himani,Mr. J.P. Goswami ,Mr.Subhash Sharma, Mr.Dharmesh ,Mr.Saurabh Sharma, Mr. Nand and Mr. Suraj added exuberance throughout the event. To add more excitement Mr. Paurush Tiwari  S/O Dr.Rishi Tiwari and Mr. Harshit Jadon S/O Mr. Rakesh Jadon, youngest participants of the event had tough competition. Mr. Paurush Tiwari , who had been the winner of “Cyclathon for Bimtech Family Members-14” earlier, again kept us spell bound with his performance .

The positions stood by participants for above 40 were –

Mr. Deshraj Sharma-1st , Prof.Anuj Sharma-2nd  , Mr. Rajib Sharma-3rd , Mr. J.P.Goswami-4th ,

The positions held by below 40 participants were-

Mr.Paurush Tiwari-1st ,Mr. Harshit Jadon-2nd ,Mr.Saurabh Sharma-3rd ,Mr. Dharmesh-4th


Team BCC are very grateful to Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Director,Bimtech for the call of  making this event happen. We thank Prof. A. Sahai for his participation and sharing a message of never ending sportsman spirit at this age. We thank Ms .Himani for her remarkable participation being the only female participant who had been the winner of previous Cyclathon event. We thank all the participants for their wonderful performances. BORN TO PEDAL is grateful to everyone for their participation. We wish to see more participants for future events with collaboration from other famous cycle clubs of Delhi and NCR.

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