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BIMTECH Exploring Opportunities in South Korea


Dr. Anuj Sharma, Chairperson – International Business Program and Prof. Rajeev Sharma, Coordinator International Business Program went for 5 days visit to Seoul South Korea from May 17, 2017 to May 21, 2017.  This visit was made on the invitation of Hansung University and its partner Ko-In Business Development Center, Korea. BIMTECH has recently signed MoU with Hansung University, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Ko-In Business Development Center.

The purpose of the visit was to explore areas of collaboration and capacity building between the two institutions and the Seoul Metropolitan Government.  There were series of joint meetings held between BIMTECH and Hansung University, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Smart Industry Promotion Association (SIPA), Seoul Business Agency (SBA) spread over three days. The first meetings was on May 17, 2017 with the members of Seoul Metropolitan Government and Hansung University representative with the agenda to identify the area on which possible collaboration can be done between the two Institutions and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. This meeting was attended by Mr. Kim Youn Ho, Team leader, Investment Promotion division and the two member team of Ms. Jinyoung Pak and Mr. Lim Hun Kyu and Dr. Jintaek Jung. On May 18, 2017 there are two more rounds of meeting at the Hansung Univsrsity Main Campus and Campus of Knowledge Service and Consulting Research Center. These meeting were attended by the representatives of SIPA and few entrepreneurs from Korea and the Dean of admission office, Dean office of international affairs of University of Hansung.  The outcome of these meeting is to draft and deliver joint programmes of the two institutions and to develop platform for entrepreneurs from Korea and India to identify areas of interest to collaborate and felicitate business between two countries. The Seoul Metropolitan Government arranged a tour of half day to few corporate who have settled their business in Korea and few who are looking for avenues to invest in India. This includes the tour to SBA and the Seoul Media Center. Dr. Anuj Sharma also addressed the research scholars of Knowledge Service and Consulting program of Hansung University. Prof. Rajeev Sharma addressed the queries of the students related to BIMTECH and India study tour.


The fourth meeting was on May 19, 2017 with the director of Seoul Metropolitan Government Mr. Daeho Kim and the team members of Investment promotion division of Seoul Metropolitan Government and Dr. Jintaek Jung and Dr. Hansung Yoon from Hansung University. The agenda of the meeting was finalizing the deliverable of the collaboration among the partners and to discuss it into nitty-gritty. It was also decided that members of Seoul Metropolitan Government and Corporate will be visiting India in September to strengthen tie ups with Indian Companies.


In the afternoon of May 19,2017 a visit was made to Yonsie Universtiy, Seoul. Here the meeting was with Prof. Hyuckseung Yang, Director Research Center. The meeting end at very good note of collaboration between the two institutions on research. Dr. Yang also proposed to invite articles from BIMTECH faculties on India industry and environment for their news letter. The meeting has set the tone for doing joint research between the two institutions and possible inclusion of faculties in future.

May 20, 2017 was the city tour of Seoul and a small rap-up meeting with KIBC representative Mr. S.J. Lee.

The visit to Korea has been very encouraging and this will open up several opportunities for BIMTECH to take its agenda of internationalization forward.

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