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A unique advantage for BIMTECH students

In order to provide unique advantage BIMTECH has installed REFLECT, in association with GMAC, for all students of first year. It is an assessment and development resource that has been created jointly by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and Hogan Assessments – the global leader in soft skills assessments.

Based on feedback from more than 900 corporate recruiters and 40 business schools, Reflect measures the core personality traits that impact leadership success and provides a customised action plan to assist students in enhancing their strengths while addressing their weaknesses.

Effective performance in workplace

There is much more to effective performance in the workplace than can be captured by cognitive intelligence, academic qualifications or hard technical skills alone. None of these things offer any guarantee of success, either to employees or to employers, and the exhortations of politicians, professors, policy-makers and practitioners all urge us to look elsewhere.

Today’s young professionals must be prepared with not only the technical knowledge, but also the soft skills and self-awareness that are often indicative of success in management roles.

Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, job performance, and career prospects. These are important to how work gets done and how individual and organizational success is achieved. The idea of what constitutes a skill has widened to the extent that it is now ‘broader and more equivocal than it has ever been’ and includes the ‘galaxy’ of ‘soft’, ‘generic’, ‘core’, ‘transferable’, ‘social’, ‘employability’ and ‘personal effectiveness’ skills that in the past might not have even been considered skills at all. Skill has come to mean whatever ‘employers and policy makers want it to mean’, or whatever capabilities or whichever ‘smarts’ are needed to navigate purposively and successfully through the dynamics of real-world contexts.

Expected skills sets in new hires
The 2014 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report (conducted every year by Graduate Management Admission Council) examined the current hiring outlook for graduate business students and presented new analysis of skills sets and proficiency levels that employers expect in new hires. To assess the skills and abilities employers demand in recent graduate business hires, last year’s respondents were asked to evaluate the importance of five overall skill sets: communication, teamwork, technical, leadership and managerial. In each group five skills were ranked.

Oral communication, Listening skills, Written communication, Presentation skills and Negotiation skills

Adaptability, Ability to value opinions of others, Cross-cultural sensitivity, Ability to follow a leader and Delegation skills

Quantitative analysis, Qualitative analysis, Core business knowledge
Technology and Specific language skills

Integrity, Drive, Innovation and creativity, Ability to inspire others and Strategic vision

Manage decision making process, Manage task environment, Manage strategy and innovation, Manage human capital and Manage administrative activities

Of the five overall skill sets evaluated, employers said communication skills were the most important skills they seek in recent business school graduates, followed by teamwork, technical, leadership, and managerial skills.

There’s a common misconception that you either have soft skills or you don’t.
The fact is that they can be improved when given the right tools.

The Reflect tool
Through research with more than 900 corporations and 40 business schools, GMAC and Hogan defined and identified 10 soft skills, or competencies, that are necessary for success in business school, on the job and in a career. Reflect by GMAC is an assessment of those competencies with a tailored action plan to assist students in enhancing their strengths, and addressing their weaknesses, consequently making them more effective leaders.
Reflect is the only interactive platform that goes beyond results to provide a personalized action plan, resource library and career benchmarking data from
14 job functions

So, what does all of this mean to you?
It means that Reflect is a thorough assessment of your personality and clearly measures what motivates you to succeed.

and provides insight on how they make decisions, manage people and
tasks and interact with others.

with three year access to a wealth of learning resources.

rather than the language of psychology or psychometrics to make results easy to understand.

and does not require an executive coach for interpretation.

for your students to position themselves for where they want to go.

to discuss their strengths and weaknesses in a language that resonates
with recruiters.

What Reflect Measures
Reflect measures following 10 competencies identified by more than 900 corporate recruiters and more than 40 business schools as essential for success in the workplace.

Competency Definition
Generates new and unique ideas; makes connections among previously unrelated notions; adds value to situations requiring original thinking.

Takes into account project priorities and available resources to reach goals in the most efficient, timely, and cost effective way possible.

Recognizes and understands issues, problems, and opportunities; develops potential alternatives or courses of action; selects a course of action based on the likelihood of success.

Combines one’s own ideas with those of others to envision the possibilities and map out a road to a better future.

Recognizes own strengths and weaknesses and uses that information to guide personal growth and development.

Performs well under pressure or challenges (e.g. time, ambiguity, etc.); rebounds quickly from a setback.

Establishes high performance standards for self and others; assumes personal ownership and accountability for achieving goals.

Communicates persuasively in individual and group situations; adjusts approach, tone, language and nonverbal cues to the characteristics and needs of the audience.

Builds trust-based relationships with people by treating them with dignity, respect, and fairness, while valuing their diversity in background and views.

Develops positive working relationships that emphasize team accomplishment in conjunction with individual contribution.

How Reflect Works
There are three steps to the Reflect assessment and development tool:

Step 1: Students complete a set of over 500 online questions at their own pace. Within seconds of submitting the assessment, they can access their results.

Step 2: Students receive a personalized report that provides an evaluation of their skills in 10 competencies deemed critical by corporate recruiters and business schools. The personalized report includes specific ways to immediately enhance strengths and address potential areas of challenge. Students can access career benchmark data to understand which competencies drive success in 14 job families.

Step 3: With the guidance of tips, videos, and articles chosen based on assessment results, students will uncover ways to better handle challenges, solve problems, and interact with peers, and future colleagues. They can build a library of resources, keep track of their progress, and learn from recognized experts in key disciplines.

Summary of what you receive

  • A personalized report that evaluates you on 10 competencies.
  • A list of 12 behaviors to “Start, Stop, and Keep” doing along with actionable tips to help you implement those behaviors.
  • A virtual library of more than 1,000 learning resources including articles, book summaries, and videos, chosen for the individual based on their assessment results.
  • The library is continually updated to include the most relevant and effective resources.
  • Career benchmarking data that explains which competencies are most important for performance in 14 job families.
  • A self-designed work plan of learning resources, actions, and tips and the ability to track their progress along the way.
  • Access for three years to their Reflect report and the associated tools.

If you use RFLECT extensively taking advantage of its resources to improve your competencies, you will be rewarded with higher level of adroitness which will help you in successfully negotiating challenges in life.

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