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BIMTECH students won the MTS iNNOVATSii competition and a study tour to Russia.


It was a proud moment for BIMTECH, when a team of 4 students from the institute , including Romil Dalal, Satyendra Kumar, Raushan Singh and Pankaj Tahilyani, was invited to the prestigious Russian Centre for Science and Culture, New Delhi, on the 11th of December, 2014, for presenting their idea that won them the MTS iNNOVATSii the competition which includes a fully sponsored educational trip to Russia. The event was organized by Sistema, one of the largest corporate organizations in Russia, in collaboration with MTS India on the eve of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s visit to India.

IMG_2193The aura of the event was very provoking for young innovative minds. Russian winners and Indian winners exhibited their ideas in the designated stall areas to the professors, VCs, bureaucrats, journalists and other delegates from various spheres of life. The innovators interacted among themselves and shared ideas and knowledge. The similarities and differences between India and Russia have enhanced the interaction and the unique learning that can be acquired. For example, a product like I-Health, presented by a Russian, which can diagnose more than 100 diseases just from the surface of the skin can be a very relevant product for Indian rural areas. Another project that addressed the bottom of the pyramid is the labour market management system presented by the students of IIT Madras. There are many such innovative ideas like fingerprint authentication system, visual, speech recognition system, roof top farming and real time real estate planning systems which are relevant for Russian and Indian context. The Chief guest of the summit Dennis Manturov, Minister for Trade and commerce, Federation of Russia, has acknowledged the importance of sharing innovation between Russia and India, which can be symbiotic for both the countries for the similarities in both, the opportunities the countries present and the kind of challenges that the countries face.

Mr. Mikhail Shamolin, President, Sistema JFC, another important guest spoke about the contribution of Russian innovators for the civilization and spoke about an exhibition that was organized in which different key innovations made in Russia in the past have been presented. He also spoke about the importance of innovation in the present and the future and how Sistema JSFC is contributing in taking civilization forward. The guest from the Indian side who addressed to the gathering was Amitabh Kant, Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) Government of India, who is known for being the man behind the hugely successful ‘Incredible India’ initiative. Other guests who spoke on the occasion were MTS India CEO and a VC. They spoke about the power of internet penetration and the kind of success it can give to young enterprises if the idea is right. They said conversion of a good idea into a funded business requires the right kind of market need and a committed and right team. The different teams were presented with certificates, mementoes and the boarding pass to Russia. Finally, the day ended with a high tea and VC interaction. Indeed, this day was just a starting point for the young innovators of BIMTECH for their possible entrepreneurial venture.

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