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 “My Experiments with Unleashing People Power” – Prof. K K Sinha


 Rated among the top Five Books by The Strategist (BS) April 14, 2014


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unnamedThe Book “My Experiments with Unleashing People Power” authored by Prof. K K Sinha was  launched on 7th February, 2014, by Mr. TKA Nair, Advisor to the Prime Minister of India, in the presence of large number of professionals from public and private sector, primarily NTPC, Reliance and Jindals.

The Book was released in august presence of Mr. R V Shahi, Former Power Secretary, Govt. of India & Chairman, Energy Infratech Pvt. Ltd. ,Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury, CMD, NTPC, Mr. P S Bami, former CMD, NTPC, Padmashri Dr. Pritam Singh, Director General, International Management Institute, Mr. P. Dwarakanath, Director – Group, Human Capital, Max India Ltd., Col. SP Wahi, former Chairman, ONGC, Mr. D V Kapur, Retd founding Chairman, NTPC, Mr. C P Jain, Former CMD, NTPC, Dr. H Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH, and several other luminaries from business and industry.


Some of the dignitaries spoke on the occasion:

One of the greatest failures of independent India was inability to motivate its people, especially in the Government. Motivate them through empowerment and not by faulting them, or by holding out the threats of manuals etc. said T K A Nair, Advisor to the Indian Prime Minister here Friday evening.

“The way to motivate our people is to recognize them for their contribution. We must not forget that our people are humans made of flesh and blood and cannot be treated like machines”, said Nair, who has served in the Indian bureaucracy for over 50 years.

Nair was speaking at the launch of a book titled ‘My Experiments With Unleashing People Power’ by Professor K K Sinha of Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) on February 7 evening. The book draws on the extensive work done by Sinha in his role as HR director of NTPC for nearly a decade.


Lauding the role of Public Sector Undertakings in boosting the Indian economy, TKA Nair said he saw no reason for Indians to feel despondent. “We cannot lose sight of what Indian economy has achieved since independence. PSUs have a big role and responsibility. They have a great opportunity to live up to the aspirations of young Indians,” Nair said while alluding to the contribution of legendary PSU Chairmen like NTPC’s Dr DV Kapur, ONGC’s Col SP Wahi and Maruti’s V Krishnamurthy.

“Senior executives, including the CEO and Directors can play a defining role in building talent to take up bigger roles in an organisation. We need to recognize that people contribute much more than capital and equipment in a manufacturing environment,” Nair who served as Chairman of the Public Enterprises Selection Board earlier.


Nair called for credible methods for measuring performance of public sector bosses. He sought inclusion of people development as a key measure of performance at par with performance parameters like capacity enhancement or productivity improvement.The book launch was a rare occasion that brought together four chairmen of NTPC, including the founding chairman DV Kapur and serving chairman Dr Arup Roy Choudhury.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr H Chaturvedi, Director of Bimtech said that appointment of Indians to the top slots in global corporations was a tribute to the Indian management and engineering education.


Share path breaking work to inspire young leaders


Eminent educationist and director general of Indian Management Institute Dr Pritam Singh, urged transformational leaders and professionals to follow the footsteps of KK Sinha to pass on their wisdom to the future generations in the form of books. Successful leaders owe it to the society to document their path breaking work and to disseminate with the young leaders in books.

Former chairman of NTPC PS Bami recounted how he reached out to front line engineers in far flung plants of NTPC to listen to their issues and grievances. Leaders must motivate and lead from the front.

Former Power Secretary RV Shahi who led NTPC  HR and Operations in the largest power utility ,used ‘people power’ in his term to outdo established state electricity boards. NTPC was also unique in listening to the voice of NTPC employees at power generation sites and factoring their views in HR policy formulation, he added.

Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury shared his trust on empowered human resources , for taking the organization to new height of excellence.


In ‘My Experiments with Unleashing People Power’, Prof Sinha elucidates how human capital has become the key component for survival and success. Unleashing the people power in the organisation thus becomes imperative to achieve business success.

Prof Sinha shares four decades of experience in people function, especially at NTPC as also his experiments with opening up the vast potential of people in an organisation, during challenging times, creating a vibrant and winning organisation.

Professor K. K. Sinha, an eminent Human Resource practitioner and thought leader, led HR function at public sector majors SAIL and NTPC with elan.  As Director — HR for eight years, Prof Sinha transformed the HR processes and the work culture at NTPC earning it place among the “Best Employers” and “Great Places to Work” for 3 consecutive years.

As Professor and Head – HR Area at Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Prof Sinha leads Center for Management Development bringing to bear his vast experience of working with SAIL and NTPC and private sector giants like Reliance and Jindal group.



Prof Sinha, an invited speaker at several fora world-wide, and consultant to corporations loves guiding budding leaders passing out of BIMTECH’s management programs.


The 294-page book by Bloomsbury India, leading publishers, is available in hard cover for Rs 499.





1.    Rajdeo Keshri(A General Manager… ,NTPC)

“Thank you Sir for the information. I have your book and now reading. I can just not think of how much labor you have put in articulating 264 Page Book and last Para last line you rightly say NTPC may wish to consider whether PMI should develop in this direction over a period of 3-5 years.

However, I do not find any sunny hope. We are facing all negative now a days. When we talk about knowledge and its management.

Writing in “Horizon” is seen as negative. I don’t know how to convey NTPC that when the challenger space shuttle exploded, some engineers in NASA knew that O-Ring in the solid rocket booster wouldn’t hold at low temperature. But the people who made the decision to launch did not. Therefore NTPC’s future lies in proper knowledge management.

2.   ” Sir, I have prepared a book review in wish to reach my colleagues through Horizon, telling them that this is the Book which will teach the future Engineer Trainees(ETs) in NTPC the story os  Ntpc Geet, Horizon, Power Scan and a clear line of a leader. After study of this book Future Engineer Trainees of NTPC will deliver what a company  expects  from them.

3.    Dr. T.V. Rao(Consultant)

“Just received a copy of your book. Excellent contribution. The work of people like you from PSUs is rarely recognized. Hope this will bring to notice of many good work people like you have done”.

4.    Navneeta Shome(A Manager ,HR)

“You know something Sir… We are the most unfortunate batch of NTPC HR. We joined in 2004 and u left after that. Do u know what did you take away with you?? You took away the entire HR from the organization. We tell the new joinees you will probably never know what was NTPC HR which aspired us to join this organization.

5.    Dr. T. V. Rao further observed on the Facebook:

“Great work in our Public Sector remains under reported and un-noticed. The two example of excellent documentation in recent times is from Anil Khandelwal on “Dare to Lead” (Sage) on how he transformed Bank of Baroda and that of Kishore Sinha “My Experiments with Unleashing People Power” published by Bloomsbury India. Hope these two will inspire many more to write”.

6.    Vivek Paranjpe,(Advisor,RIL)

“Recognition of good work from someone like T.V. Rao is valuable.”



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