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Dr Jagdish Shettigar @ Seasame Workshop India


Galli Galli (Dr Shettigar)Dr. Jagadish Shettigar stressed on need to spread economic literacy in order to empower the socially and economically deprived section. He pointed out that hardly 20% of rural house-hods have access to basic infrastructural facilities such as safe drinking water, primary education and electricity. Ironically, this pathetic situation is at a time when India is about to take over as the fastest growing economy. However, it is futile to rely only on governmental initiatives to take care of the problems, especially, in view of the not-so comfortable fiscal situation which in fact, led to cut in social infrastructure budget by Rs. 31812 crores for 2015-16. In this context, facilitating participation of private sector is crucial he opined.

In his key-note address at a seminar organized by Sesame Workshop India in partnership with Met Life Foundation on April 30, 2015 at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi he expressed concern about many developmental projects getting stalled mainly due to policy-makers not being able to effectively communicate to people about economic logic behind them. Unfortunately, in a free society like India government does not have luxury of implementing policy measures without taking people into confidence whatever economic rationale may be. This critical communication gap may be bridged through spreading of economic literacy which would ultimately speed up economic development horizontally.

Mr. Dennis White, President & CEO, Met Life Foundation and Mr. Tarun Chug, MD, Met Life also spoke at the seminar. “

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