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“Implication of New Foreign Trade Policy (2015-20) & SEZ Policy 2015 on India’s International Trade”

Centre for International Business and Policy (CIBP) held a seminar on “Implication of New Foreign Trade Policy (2015-20) & SEZ Policy 2015 on India’s International Trade” on August 14, 2015. The Panel members included esteemed “Niryat Bandhu” Team of:-

  • Dr. Sumeet Jerath , Addl DGFT – North Zone
  • Dr. Amiya Chandra, Jt DGFT – North Zone and
  • Ms Tanu Singh, Asst DGFT

Our student anchors namely Alankar Bansal and Aseem Mathur introduced the guests to the audience followed by a brief introduction to the seminar topic by Dr. Anuj Sharma, Chairperson (IB).

A warm welcome was extended towards honourable guests in the presence of our Director, Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Deputy Director, Dr. Anupam Verma, Chairperson, Dr. Anuj Sharma, Prof. Rajeev Sharma, Prof. Gaurav Tripathi and Ms. Rupali Singh.

Dr. Sumeet Jerath, Add. DGFT (North Zone) provided beautiful insights on Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020, its major changes and various Schemes like MEIS (Merchandise Exports from India Scheme) and SEIS (Service Exports from India Scheme). Moreover, he said that “Export runs on Image, Image and Image like movie runs on Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment”.

Dr. Amiya Chandra, Jt. DGFT, discussed the SWOT analysis for India’s Foreign Trade, the Challenges for Indian Exports and Strategies for success in exports. Dr. Amiya mentioned that “Both ‘I’’s are painful for export – Interest Rate and Infrastucture”. He further focussed on the changing scenario in International Market and our pace with it. He enthralled the audience with his motivational teaching and presentation methods encouraging the students sitting in his lecture.

A complete Overview of a Research Study on Apparel Industry of India was given by Ms. Tanu Sharma, Asst. DGFT. The Major Trends in the Industry were discussed along with a complete Analysis for the Growth of Industry in international markets.

The session was followed by intensive question and answer session by students. A recent visit to 8 major export clusters made by students helped them in questioning and analysing the insights given by the speakers.

A vote of thanks to Our Honourable Panel Members and Faculty Members marked the ending of this very successful event.

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