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BIMTECH welcomes participants from ITESM, Mexico

India Study Program February 7-18, 2015


ispBIMTECH organizes India Study Program to showcase the Indian economic development and cultural diversity. The program is meant for students in undergraduate and graduate program to give them an understanding on doing business in India. The program covers theoretical aspects of the market and economy supplemented by interaction and visits to industry and places of cultural and historical importance.

On February 7, 2015, BIMTECH will receive participants from ITESM Mexico who will spend 10 days at BIMTECH. Under the India Study Program, the group will attend sessions on geo political issue, Indian society and culture, emergence of Indian market and consumers, Indian retail and IT industry, marketing approach in India, social innovations etc.
This group is enrolled in Multicultural Program in Monterrey´s Tech, Chihuahua´s Campus majoring in Business Administration. They receive academic and professional preparation in Business, plus mandatory course of French and Chinese Mandarin as a third and fourth foreign language, respectively. For practicing their French, they do a Summer Camp at McGill University, Canada. Currently students are attending winter camp in South Korea to earn Business Certificate from Solbridge International School of Business.
After the 10 day visit to BIMTECH, students will do an international exchange program in the International Business School at Beijing Foreign Studies University during spring semester.

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