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Morphedo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: Shaping Ideas

Dream big for reality to be conceived and then to grow! So we, Anusha Pasya, Sushil Baranwal, Sanchet Kumar and me, Manya Jha started dreaming big. As Guy Kawasaki, the Chief Evangelist of Canva (an online design service) and Former Chief Evangelist of Apple, put it in his book “The Art of The Start 2.0” became “soulmates” rather than co-founders. And thus Morphedo Technologies Pvt. Ltd came into existence, and we have earnestly agreed to jointly remain ‘the soul’ of the Organization.

It all started when Sushil and I wanted to set up our own venture. By chance, we came across a disruptive technology called Additive Manufacturing/3D printing, and we realised that it had the potential to solve many problems and challenges encountered by the traditional ways of manufacturing. The developed countries are already being geared up to embrace this technology. US President Barack Obama has asserted the importance of 3D printing on a number of occasions. The Chinese government has gone a step ahead: made it a policy to install 3D printers in approximately 400,000 schools over the next two years. The South Korean government has already declared that it will set up a 10-year plan for the Korean 3D printing industry.

Trust and group work always make any endeavour better and successful. Sanchet, who has always desired to set up his own venture, and Anusha, who is passionate about doing things differently, trusted in us and in our dreams, and benevolently chipped in. They joined us and agreed to boot the idea up and walk along with us in this journey; they became our ‘soulmates’.

The best trust and encouragement came from Dr. Abha Rishi, the Chairperson of the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development, BIMTECH. She showed immense faith in us and asked us to pursue our plan with determination. The CIED, since then, has helped us in all possible ways. The driving force behind all our plans deserves a special mention; Professor R. J. Masilamani, our mentor, and our perpetual strength.

We were lucky to be a pilot batch of the Entrepreneurial Internship Program (EIP). In the first month itself we could travel to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and New Delhi to understand the present scenario of this industry and to acquire the skills required to move into this area.

We start small, but we aspire to become a pioneer in ‘On Demand Manufacturing’. We propose to use the Additive Manufacturing technology to give a form or shape to your ideas, and help you move from the very start to the finish: from selection of things (while purchasing) to co-creation. Thus, we call ourselves “Morphedo Technologies Pvt Ltd”, where the word ‘morph’ stands for ‘form and shape’. It is a duly registered Company now under the said name.

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