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Panel Discussion on “President Donald Trump: What is in store for India?
February 15, 2017, BIMTECH, Greater Noida


With Donald Trump as president of the US since November 2016, the world is contemplating how international relations will play out with the global leader, including for those watching in India. Questions arise on whether to take Trump’s nationalist rhetoric seriously or to believe his businessman persona will make him a practical president to deal with, or that the judicial system in the US will not allow him to implement some of his calls, such as the restrictions on the temporary movement of IT workers.


Today, a discussion on “President Donald Trump: What is in store for India?” was organized by the Economics Area, BIMTECH which had leading academicians and thought leaders to deliberate on the impact of this political event. The first speaker of the discussion was Dr. K.P. Vijaylaxmi who is Professor of US Studies & Chairperson of the Centre of the Centre for Canadian, US and Latin American Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is an adjunct faculty at the International Strategic Studies Programme (ISSP), National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), National Institute of Science Campus, Bangalore. The second speaker of the session was Mr. Jitendra Kumar, President of Economic & Technical Consultants Inc, which is a well known energy and public utilities consulting firm based in the Washington DC. He has been in the steering committee of the Chairman of FICCI, USA and has been active in promoting cooperation between the business in India and USA.


Dr. Vijaylaxmi outlined the gradual shift in the Indo-US relations from strategic ties to strategic partnership starting from the end of President Clinton’s presidency with India and United States now engaged in around fifty areas of cooperation. She highlighted that bilateral strategic partnership is around geopolitical realities and that affects United State’s relationship with India & China. The process of American politics also has to be honoured and that the Vice –President is a very able team player.

Mr. Jatinder Kumar stressed on the need for India to recognise our strengths and be mindful of communication strategies deployed by Indians with Americans during negotiations. There is an absolute necessity to create economic value for US to engage with us in a meaningful way.

The symposium ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Prof. J. Shettigar, Professor BIMTECH who conveyed heartfelt gratitude towards the panelists for such an interesting and intellectually stimulating session.

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