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11127877_891860150855687_5065961243879815676_nR S Sodhi. Wisdom shared at BIMTECH convocation April 4 th 2015

Amul is in the business of C2C cow to consumer . Now sharing the moment is much easier with social media which was not the case when I passed out . Dr Kurien sown the seed of milk revolution in india .
Dr Kurien said in my convocation that our first duty is towards the country , then to farmer , then to institution and last duty towards your self or your family .He also mentioned Always ask if your fortune is for you only to enjoy or to help the underprivileged also .

India will be much better a place to live if values instilled in us become our lifestyle. I was blessed to work under Dr Kurian and become a part of an Organization owned by farmer . He always asked the youngest person ‘s opinion about any critical decision first , paving the way for professional independence and self expression . Time was very important for him , He looked at the following 3 qualities integrity , integrity and integrity in n any one is the only thing to be seen .

Integrity means being honest to oneself . Patience and passion are the other important virtues in today’s time . Keep on updating your knowledge always . Focus should always be on long term goal , Question is not about achieving success but about keeping on values in professional career . Failure is another opportunity to restart differently again .
Early in the career do not try to gain respect out if your qualification but get through knowledge , hard work and passion . There is no shortcut to success . The core identity of amul is sane for last 67 years.
First identity is value for many ( large number of farmers ) Amul can not be seen as a pure business enterprise .
All surplus in amul floats back to the farmer and the same is done for community development at village level . Around 70 crores are going Back daily to the villages in Gujarat . Amul is paying highest price to the farmer and selling it at the most reasonable price to the consumers . This is a paradox to corporate doctrine to success . At amul for last 6 decades a consistency in brand communication and its alignment with brand values has been maintained . Amul girls topical campaign is at the heart of innovative connect created by any brand in the world on weekly basis for last 5 decades .

By 2020 india will have 3 rd largest economy so we need to leverage in our population to bring speed , skill and scale to become the economic powers house of the world . By 2061 global food security will be the biggest challenge .population of urban area will be double that of rural and we will have fewer hands to produce and large number of mouth for consumption .
Alumnus and faculty are key to brand equity development of any institute .It is a moment for reaching stepping stone in your life . Next moment is a test for you .like amul has reached a situation where everyone is brand cheerleader and thus custodian of this brand need to be highly responsible ,
When knowledge speaks wisdom listens . In matters of strife swim with current and in matter if principle stand like a rock and never compromise .

Never try to bend rule in the name of practicality . My speech can be summarised in one word only I.e values . Dr Kurien said we have traversed a path few have done so and we should keep on pursuing the one which few might have dared to dream .

All the best

R S Sodhi

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