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26th Dec


“In research, relevance should have priority over rigour. While knowledge of higher statistics or mathematics is helpful, it is not necessary for doing a relevant research. The method needs to be enabled in the problem one is investigating.”



Dr. Jagdish Sheth, Founder, Academy of Indian Marketing and Charles H Kelldstat Professor of Marketing, Emory University interacted with faculty and research scholars in a seminar held on October 12, 2013.

Initiating the discussion, he emphasized that the faculty need to be well rounded doing various academic activities like research, teaching, training and academic administration.While he said that the best way to learn is to teach, he was very emphatic that creating knowledge is the primary job of a faculty. He also admonished that the faculty should not be looking to the industry with disdain nor the people from industry who come to management institute should undermine the academician.

He painted the scenario of business education in 21st century which is very stressful in USA where Wharton has announced 1st year free online course for MBA aspirants. He surmised that a similar situation may be faced in India in future and therefore management institutions cannot depend on fees alone. They need to aggressively generate revenue through training and research grants.

In a question relating to retail raised by a research scholar, he cautioned that it is too early to say that retail has failed in India. He acknowledged that in Indian society the traditional retailing is well entrenched but a call centre couple will not go to traditional Indian retail outlet. He advised that marketing faculty should not get into the trap of modeling supported by econometrics for marketing research and by experiments for consumer behavior adopted by psychologists. He opined that marketing should be studied and taught in a holistic manner and a researcher needs to have a very wide base of knowledge before getting into the depth of his/her thesis.


“In research, relevance should have priority over rigour”, he advised. “While knowledge of higher statistics or mathematics is helpful, it is not necessary for doing a relevant research. The method needs to be enabled in the problem he is investigating. The method to be adopted should be selected based on the problem selected for investigation and the research question framed. The supremacy of positivist has long been over; the researcher can take either of the route – qualitative or quantitative suiting his investigation”. He also gave tips for publishing and delved in detail on programmatic research through which a faculty can create personal branding. Further, he emphasized the need for knowledge of history describing how he cherished the study of history that also helps him in his research.

Winding up the discussion, he talked about the website research Gate which is a social networking site for scientists and researchers and exhorted the researchers to visit the site and get research paper of their research interest.

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