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Syt B K Birla, Founder, BIMTECH predicted in 2009 that Shri Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister of India


images (2)Today, the whole country is celebrating the Oath-taking ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan when Shri Narendra Modi is taking charge as the Prime Minister of the country. Heads of the government from several SAARC Countries have already arrived as the VVIP guests. It is a historical moment which will be remembered as a special day when India sent message across the world as a nation with lot of hopes, confidence and leadership potential.



UntitledShri Narendra Modi’s coronation as Prime Minister is a big news today for the whole world. But five years back, Syt B K Birla, octogenarian head of Birla Family and Founder of BIMTECH, has predicted that Shri Modi will become the Prime Minister of the country.


On October 22, 2009, Shri Modi came to Jhaghadia, near Bharauch to inaugurate the state-of-art New Birla Century Textile Mill. The mill, spread over 100 acres of land and started with an investment of Rs.850 crore. It has provided employment to about 1000 people.


When Syt Birla gave his prediction, Shri Modi said “Khabarwalo ko khabar mil gaye hai (Newspersons have got the news). This will be the headline in tomorrow’s news”.

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