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Culinary Quest to groom future managers  Super Chef 4.0


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life”, Emmet Fox; indeed, much has been written about this single, common, basic need that propels everything. How can we then, as a species ignore it? All our thoughts and deeds are only exist because of the fuel.

IMG_9543Going by the same logic, it becomes extremely essential for leaders of the world to ensure that every mouth is fed and every stomach happy, if a country was to achieve its true potential. The corporate world too is only just waking up to this fact and taking a keen interest in employee nutrition and health, by offering a variety of foods and in-house gyms. Perks at top notch organizations such as Google include a range of restaurants within a food court to engage its huge employee workforce. While most other companies can’t afford a multi-restaurant format, they can go a long way from designing cafeteria menus creatively to offering meal coupons to employees redeemable at “healthy” food.

In another aspect, the decisions we take regarding our food often gives an insight into a person. Vegetarians for instance, are said to have a noticeable glow about their skin. We could stretch the limits further and say that as future managers learning the art of managing people, at a premier business institute it is imperative that we learn about the subtle effects of various foods on our bodies. Also, we can get a meaningful insight into by looking into the choices of food that our teams take, and add it to our overall understanding. One can lie while speaking, but the body doesn’t. A disgruntled employee may not show his frustration openly, but will head straight for his / her comfort food, an insight that may prove invaluable to decide the path of the relationship of the organization and employee.

The Birla Institute of Management Technology conducted a cooking competition on 5th February, 2014 called “Super Chef 4.0” on their premises, open for the faculty, students, parents and staff of the college. The event was a fast paced, exciting one, with the teams scuttling around the activity plaza preparing their dishes.

The mandate they were given, was that they whip a single dish within forty five minutes. The teams consisting of two members were free to make a starter, an entrée, a main course, a dessert or a drink. The dish had to be vegetarian and sufficient to be judged by a panel of six esteemed judges.

The judges were stalwarts in their own right. Chef Gaurav Singh a chef from ITC Maurya, the flagship hotel of the ITC Hotels division; Chef Shiladitya Samaddar a chef of national acclaim currently working with the government of Delhi, who has the unique honour of having cooked for President Barack Obama and Mr. Ashish Kumar Gupta an alumnus of the college and currently a hospitality consultant. Who knows about food better than mom? In addition to judges from the industry, four ladies from the Ladies Club of BIMTECH were also invited; Mrs. Sunita Chaturvedi, Mrs. Shubhra Varma, Mrs. Shakuntala Arora & Mrs. Pooja Sharma; to share their opinion about the show that was put up. In addition to the top teams, the participants were given special prizes which included “Most Sparkling Workstation,” “Tastiest Dish” & “Most Presentable Dish”.

It was indeed encouraging to see children, faculty members and parents too taking part in this unique competition and putting up a brave front when the judges grilled them about the dishes they had made. The participants were judged on the taste of the food, its texture, the way the dish was presented, the knowledge of their dish and how innovative the dish was.


The judges were impressed by the dedication and hard work put in by the participants and organizers alike, a team effort which wouldn’t have been possible without the support and guidance of all the faculty and staff members ranging from the Director – Dr. H Chaturvedi, Dy Director – Dr. Anupam Verma, Dr. Anuj Sharma, Mrs. Rupali Singh, the staff from the mess, Mr. MS Bhati, Mr. Amit Joshi, the members of the Food Conduit (the student body responsible for the smooth functioning of all food related issues of the college) and all those who toiled behind the scenes.

Super Chefs 4.0 – Results


  • Winners –  Shripriya Maheshwari & Pragya Trivedi
  • 1st Runners Up – Arushie & Harsha Chahar
  • 2nd Runners Up – Kanchan Vidhani & Manisha Kansal
  • Tastiest Dish – Somya Jain & Ishu Jain
  • Most Presentable Dish – Priya Sharma & Apoorv Sharma
  • Most Sparkling Kitchen – Gunjan Agarwal & Anu Agarwal


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