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Read about her landmark journey of reaching close to the 2 million mark at a very early stage of her career. As such, making it to the pinnacle of repute in her chosen field is just a matter of time for her now.


After losing all hopes of getting into any of the ever so desired IIMs, I was left with very little to choose from. But as blessings come in disguise, I got the chance to study at BIMTECH.

I was scared of losing myself if I had to waste a year and try again for the hallowed IIMs but when I stepped into the BIMTECH campus on 14th June, 2013, I wanted to live it all. I saw bright faces of aspiring MBAs, welcoming faculty and staff, pleasant environment, and above all, greenery that not only refreshed my eyes but mind too. That was the day I wiped out my tears of failure and made the climb. The platform of opportunities always had stairs for me to take the centre stage at BIMTECH.

Being part of the Cultural Conduit, I explored new skills of time management, financial management, logistics and team work and believe me it never felt like work. Every minute you were busy participating in either a dance competition or completing some assignment or preparing for a nukkad natak, volunteering for an NGO, playing cricket and what not. But never for once you lost energy and enthusiasm to take up the next big thing. This indeed is the best part of staying in a fully residential campus like BIMTECH.

Well, a Business School is nothing without the classrooms though. I chose Retail Management to take my career ahead and I am grateful to the alumni who helped me in making the choice and guide me whenever I need direction even today.

Having taken up a sectoral course, I got different opportunities of developing myself during the program. Some of them included On–Job–Trainings in big retail giants, participating in retail specific Supply Chain Simulation games, short term projects in leading brands like Titan, Shoppers Stop, and Reliance etc. In addition, class presentations and group assignments kept enhancing our public speaking and essential skills for teamwork.

Participating in Markstrat Simulation which is a very useful simulation game offering management students and professionals a risk free platform to understand every aspect of strategic marketing such as competitor action and reactions, new product launches, sales and distribution strategies, managing product portfolio, advertising etc. was an added bonus to my CV.

The intellectual and industry richness of BIMTECH faculty is remarkable. Whether it is your doubt from a class session or a business idea that you plan to initiate, the support from faculty will never go amiss. They will take out time from their breaks and after work hours for your petty queries or guide while you learn new software like “R” – essential for statistical computing and smile all the way. To add to the encouraging support of our faculty, the well-equipped library at campus lets you push your boundaries further to understand the theoretical concepts and market trends better. During course assignments one always gets value added help from this knowledge centre.

I came to BIMTECH as an average BBA Graduate with little know how of business world and the corporate way of life. The time I spent here has helped me become corporate and life ready. From organizing to participating in various retail events across the timeline, I can now comfortably place myself on both sides of the counter. It has helped me in analyzing perspectives of a customer and objectives of a retailer. The business communication sessions that are part of the course curriculum are one of the best ways to boost ones confidence to new limits. I was never hesitant of speaking to people but whenever I had to address a big crowd, I had butterflies in my stomach. But with regular sessions and expert guidance I have overcome the fear.

Now when I look back on the two years of extensive moulding and polishing that I went through at BIMTECH, it all feels so much worth to having lived my dream of studying in a good B-School. I still can’t believe I am flying to Dubai for my first job. I am really excited about the experience that awaits and feel proud to acknowledge that I am one of those few students from a bunch of many who have been selected as Management Trainees and future Managers at Landmark Group; a multinational conglomerate with 24 million sq. feet of retail space across Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. The company is headquartered at Dubai, UAE.

Was it easy to get through? Well, I was a bundle of nerves through the selection process which included situation based group discussion and group activity in the first round followed by personal interview. From among the top Institutes of Delhi and Mumbai, only 5 students made it to the final cut out of which 3 are from BIMTECH. A package of INR 18 LPA is unbelievable for a fresher like me.

For those who are yet to live the days of MBA, I have a few things to say.

I am not trying to scare anyone but it is a challenge to study at BIMTECH or any other good B-School and survive when you are part of a batch with great talent and capabilities. Learn from everything – from your roommate, from your colleagues, from friends, from the challenges you face, from the competition and from your mistakes but don’t stop until you are proud of your achievements. When it comes to the final stage of placements, put ‘Job Satisfaction’ above ‘Package Satisfaction’. You will see money on your office desk only once in a month, for rest of the days you will see work.

It doesn’t matter what you were in the past or whether you were serious about it or not. What matters most is ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE IT NOW?

So, make your choice wisely.

All the very best and Live Life KINGSIZE…..!!!!!

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