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Everyone feels happy when they get gifts, and people feel happier if they get unexpected gifts.

DSC05785With this view in mind, Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development team of six members (Ankita Modi, Naveen Singh Malik, Arunima Kalita, Pranav Kesari, Nikitha CU & Kruti Singhal (Volunteer)) under the guidance of Dr.Rishi Tiwari  visited Dasna Jail on 2nd January 2, 2014 to distribute clothes among inmates and conduct the event of VASTRADAAN. The students of BIMTECH, Bhubaneswar along with their faculty members also participated in this event.

The BIMTECH family has shown that apart from conducting extra activities they believe in helping the needy as well. Huge amount of clothes were donated by students and faculty members, which were packed in 15 cartons!!! We were surprised to see such a huge collection.

The team of Ranganathan Society along with Rishi Tiwari Sir and the faculty members and students of BIMTECH, Bhubaneswar, reached Dasna Jail during afternoon.

Firstly, we were asked to gather in the ground were clothes were to be distributed. The DSC05757event started with presenting the New Year calendar and mementos to all the senior officers of Dasna Jail. After this the jail officers, faculty members and students distributed the clothes among the inmates.

After this we went to see the “anaan bhandar (food storage)” of Dasna Jail, where all the raw food items were kept. The place was hygienic and everything was placed systematically.

From here we went to the “Pakshaala (kitchen)” where blankets were distributed to the jail inmates. Everyone took part in this enthusiastically and the inmates were really happy to receive the blankets. All of us felt happiness and satisfied after seeing their smiles. We also visited the main kitchen were food was being prepared. There were many slabs on which wheat dough was prepared for making “Rotis”. We also saw two huge “kadhais” which was used to prepare vegetables and different other items.

DSC05937After this we were taken to “Barrack No. 21; 22 ABCD” were a friendly cricket match was to be conducted between the Dasna Jail Cricket team and the Cricket team of Bhubaneswar students. This barrack consisted of many male barracks and a huge playground. The toss was won by BIMTECH Bhubaneswar students and they opted to ball first. Dasna Jail cricket team gave a strong target of 160 runs to the students. Finally the Dasna Jail team won the match.

Next we went to the ground were bhajan mandali was ready to show us their talent. They sang and danced on a bhajan on Krishna.


Finally we were taken to the library which has been established by Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development. Recently library has been equipped with computers and table tennis also. Students and faculties from Bhubaneswar were given a brief introduction about what the library is all about and how it works in the Jail.

Thus the event of VASTRDAAN came to an end, bringing smiles and happiness in the lives of inmates and a new experience for the students and the faculty members.


~Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development Team

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