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“What Industry have to say regarding On the Job Training”

Industrial Visit to Gopaljee Dairy, Bulandsahar

By PGDM(RM)Students of 2015-17 Batch on 19th November 2015

On November 19, 2015, students of PGDM – Retail management visited along with Dr. Pankaj Priya, Prof. Manoj Kumar Pant, Mr. Saikrushna  Bharati & Mr. Ajab Singh left for the Bulandsahar, Uttar Pradesh.

As soon as the students reached the plant, they were accompanied by a company representative to two Village Level Collection Centres (VLCC). One in Nayabans village and the other in Chingarwati village, for understanding the process of collection of milk from local milkmen, in accordance with the certain parameters set by the company. Later, around 9:15 am students were escorted back to the main Manufacturing and packaging plant of the company, There is also a Milk Collection Centre(MCC) where the milk comes initially and is screened and samples taken.

In the company students were divided into three groups and were given proper tour of the plant by assigned company personnel, who helped them in understanding how production is carried out in the company and how company products reach their customers. Everything was explained in detail, all queries where answered, and samples shown wherever asked for by the students.

Maximum processing in the Gopaljee plant is carried out by means of machinery, subdivided into various activities like inception of raw material, mixing process, making the products, etc., and then converting it into finished goods. Finally finished goods are packed and are sealed.

It was a good learning for the students as they understood the complete supply chain and the operations of a perishable product i.e. milk.

Industrial Visit to Safexpress, Gurgaon

By PGDM(RM)Students of 2015-17 Batch on 10th December 2015


On December 10, 2015, students of PGDM – Retail management visited Safexpress Logistics Park along with Prof. Rajeev Sharma, Mr. Saikrushna Bharati & Mr. Ajab Singh at Manesar ,Gurgaon.

The purpose of visit is to understand the practical aspect of the course of Inventory & Logistics.

sdfgOn arrival the students were welcomed by the Safexpress team. Lead by Ms. Shweta Goela from Corporate strategy teams from Safexpress. She delivered a Lecture on warehousing before the visit to centre. Students were divided into two groups for touring the premises. The teams were lead by the representatives from Safexpress.The students were given detailed information about the transhipment hub, various material handling equipments used, the processes involved, safety measures to ensure proper handling of goods etc. They also told about the construction details that were taken care of while constructing the building.

Safexpress as the market leader has been driving the warehousing revolution in India. The park spreads over 1.8 million sq feet area with 24 * 7 working and internet connectivity with power backup. The goods received from various locations are sorted according to their dispatch location. The status of delivery of goods was displayed on LCDs which helped in timely delivery of good. They offered special restroom facility for drivers, where the bunkbeds were put inside a discarded renovated container

They also told about other units of Safexpress such as transolution , Campus to home ,Safeextension. Safexpress.

At last the students were given a gift pack which included a book “Seven uncommoners” by Ridhima Verma and other goodies from Safexpress

It was a great learning for the students as they got to know the real working of backbone of retailing, wholesaling and manufacturing in India, warehousing in logistics.

About the Programme

The Centre for Retail is an initiative to educate future managers and empower them with the knowledge to contribute substantially to the retail industry’s growth in India. It strives to create a new generation of smart retail professional of international caliber and aims to equip them with the best practices being followed across the globe.
The programme strives to give the best intellectual inputs through varied teaching methodology and has been instrumental in inculcating awareness in every student of the following:

  • Basic retailing and merchandising concepts.
  • Exhaustive theoretical knowledge to ensure understanding of the dynamics of modern organized retail trade.
  • Modern techniques and practices of retaining being widely used by retailers a 4round the world to understand the facts changing general consumer market.
  • Hands on projects in mall/retail organizations.
  • Capability to incorporate the class room teaching in actual work environment and effective decision making.
  • Enhanced interpersonal and communication skills.

Academic Advisory Committee

Retail Advisory committee met on Sep 2014, in Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai to discuss and review the Retail Curriculum and course structure. The Advisory Members present were Mr. Sanjay Behl, CEO Raymond, Mr. Pramoud Rao, MD Zicom, Mr. Upamanyu Bhattacharya, Director – Categories eBay, Mr. Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO RAI, Mr. Pradeep Hirani, Chairman Kimaya Fashions, Mr. Asif Merchant, MD Catwalk, Mr. Yogesh Mehta, CEO Welspun . The other members shared their valuable inputs over mail. The members suggested introducing of two new subjects with a viewpoint of conceptualizing business plan.They suggested that faculty mentorship and industry guidance is critical for OJT and STP,. In order to develop retail business acumen, the rationale of retail model and format should be adopted. Many good suggestions such as students shadowing street vendors, unorganized fruit seller, perishable food seller on cart, local kiranawalla were given to enhance their learning.

Special Features:

  • Industry Interface at regular intervals is encouraged. Retail Professionals across the industry are invited as guest faculties to deliver lectures and attend seminars and panel discussions at regular frequency. The Center organizes National Seminars on the current issues relating to retail and the concerned stakeholders like retailers, trade unions and political representatives take part in these discussions.
  • In addition to the regular project work that is assigned to the students, special real life short term projects are undertaken by the students under the aegis of different retail establishments such as Titan, Adani Wilmar, IRCTC, Aditya Birla Retail Ltd, United Colors of Benetton, Zara, Genesis Colors, Retail Gurukul, Sahara Q shop in different aspects of retailing such as operations, supply chain, digital marketing, marketing research etc. This activity aids the students in appreciating the essence of retailing and helps in experimenting their classroom learnings.
  • The centre also takes great pride in the achievements of the students at the institute and their respective professional life once they move out of the campus. Recent Alumni of the centre have been appreciated and rewarded for their excellent performances and thorough functional expertise. Ankur Puri, Rajat Batra & Ruchi Jain, recruited by Landmark, are having a great exposure in Dubai, one of the most exciting retail destinations across the world, second to London.
  • Hiteshwar Singh Andotra, an alumni from the 2012-14 batch has also been voted the star employee of the Quarter at Viniculum Group.


  • The Strong academic lineage also enables the students to undertake various research projects and present papers at Conferences of International standard and repute.Students such as K. Sowmya and Dibyanshu Tripathi have presented various papers on subject matters closely related to retail and marketing at conferences at IIM, MDI Gurgaon and International conference for management cases.
  • The centre for Retail excellence not only promotes theoretical and conceptual knowledge but also encourages students to take up entrepreneurial activities so as to apply and learn in a more methodical manner. The centre has actively supported students such as SankliMurugan, whose entrepreneurial stint ‘Sankli’sDosa Corner’ adding creativity to the menu offerings at the Campus has also helped in adding value to his own restaurant in Chennai.
  • The centre has also extended support towards the launch of a Retail store ‘FROOOSH’ an initiative by six bright students Anubhav Goyal, Dibyanshu Tripathi, Ilamurugu Kailasam, Kapil Batra, Pragya Trivedi and Rakesh Palanimuthu of the batch 2013-15, which specialises in providing value added healthy food and variety to the community. All activities involved in the day to day operations of the store are managed by the students themselves. From sourcing of material to preparing delicious shakes, the students experiment, standardise and serve it all!
  • FROOOSH is now run by the Anuj Khadria, Ashok Palaniappan, Deebun Vignesh T, Ishan Bhatnagar, Pratik Garg – all students of 2014-16 batch,with an objective to create a self-sustaining organisation which will also act as a lab for the students of Retail Management at BIMTECH to experiment their learnings and have hands on experience.FROOOSH also maintains data about sales and analyses them to introduce new products and assist in buying supplies, trying to mimic the industry practices.



Fee Structure

Program Framework

Two-years full-time PGDM (RM) equips students with skill and knowledge the retail industry is looking for. The objectives of the programme are:

  • To introduce the basic retailing and management concepts
  • To give insight into fundamentals of marketing and selling
  • To understand managerial aspects of working with people in groups
  • To understand managerial aspects of working with people in groups
Trimester-I Trimester-II Trimester-II
Retail Concepts & Environment -I Supply Chain Management Consumer Behaviour
Marketing Management-I Research Methodology Sales & Distribution Management
Statistics for Business Analysis Corporate Finance Services Marketing
Managerial Economics Merchandising Management Visual Merchandising (Including Lab)
Organisation Behaviour Marketing Management-II Inventory & Logistics Mgmt.
Financial & Managerial Accounting Retail Concepts & Environment-II Operation Research
Management Information System Macroeconomics For Business Decision Making Mall Management
Responsible Business Module -I Business Communication – I Business Communication – II
Responsible Business Module -II Responsible Business Module III:
Trimester-IV Trimester-V Trimester-VI
Legal Framework for Retail Business Enterprises Resource Planning Rural Retailing
Franchising & Global Retailing Retail Benchmarking Human Resource Management
Retail Luxury and Brand Management Retail Strategy & Negotiation
Customer Relationship Management Buying and Merchandising
Category Mgmt. & Private Labels Digital & Non Store Retailing
Integrated Marketing Communication Retail Economics



The pedagogy adopted by the PGDM (RM) is a blend of academics as well as practical applications. The class room teaching includes sessions by learned faculty members who are known for their dedication to teaching and research, and possess considerable industry experience and have developed close ties to the national and international academic and business community. The practical application part is taken care of by the case studies and projects at different stages of the two year programme, while close interaction with industry gives students a first hand experience of the corporate world. The students are also subjected to simulation games, quizzes, role plays, etc to develop analytical and decision-making capabilities.

As a part of the academic activity, Centre for Retail conducts various workshops, guest lectures, panel discussions and seminars. Experts from industry visit the institute and offer their valuable insights and opinions on current relevant topics. In order to supplement the various theories acquired in the classroom by the students, for simultaneous understanding and application, students are taken to various industries and given short- term projects allied to these industries.

Students actively participate in various activities organized by the Institutes’ Clubs including the Debating Society, Cultural Club, E-Cell (Entrepreneurs’ Cell) etc, They are also sent to participate in seminars and conferences organized outside BIMTECH enabling them to acquire relevant knowledge about the market and management issues through interactions with industry.

Salient Features of Pedagogy

Course Reading Material

Pre-course reading materials which are in the form of text books, cases, articles etc. is made available to all participants in advance. Participants are expected to spend 8 to 10 hours per week studying these materials before they come for classes each term. Online assessments are also incorporated in the program to ensure academic rigor.


Lectures one of the best teaching methods in many circumstances for most of the students; especially for communicating conceptual knowledge are used as an important pedagogy tool. Faculties use audio-visual teaching aids like OHP, overhead LCD projection systems, etc. to enhance the learning among students.

Industry Speakers/Visits

An integral part of the PGDM (RM) is the speaker series and visits that are regularly organized throughout the course. Talks by industry leaders and visits to various industries in India and other countries during the programme are organized to complement classroom learning and bring in a practical perspective to management theories.


Simulations are also used as an important tool to help maximize classroom learning as the decisions that the participants face in these simulations replicate the kind of decisions they would face in their own organizations.

Case Method

Case studies intend to detail different solutions scenarios with quantitative results. Faculty encourages risk-taking behaviors and facilitates students in developing pro-active responses while facing innovative managerial issues. Students’ opinions are shared and confronted; the decision-making process is made a part of the student’s mindset.

Role Play

Role playing is a method for exploring the issues involved in complex business situations. The objective of introducing role plays is to teach students to think Role playing gives students a chance to live the roles and practice the concepts before hand. A spirit of innovation, achievement and an intellectual group of students working together with commitment towards global excellence is the essence of the BIMTECH way of learning.

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars/workshops introduce state-of-the-art ideas and easy-to-learn techniques that assist students in accelerating their individual growth both professionally and individually. Seminars improve students’ presentation skills in persuading, educating, and informing. These highly interactive workshops are frequently conducted. Students also undergo seminars which are highly participatory and learning oriented.

Comprehensive Viva-Voce

At the end of Terms I, II comprehensive viva-voce examination is conducted to test the knowledge of candidates in totality, including linkages of concepts drawn from different areas and their practical application.

Batch Profile

We have students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. A perfect blend of students with significant work experience and fresh college pass-outs creates a learning and nurturing environment among the students of retail batch.