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Reasons for choosing BIMTECH

UntitledThe trust that comes along with the Birla brand and positively inclined feedback from some known seniors was something that made me go for BIMTECH in the first place.
My likings about my Programme A comprehensive curriculum that was wisely spread over a period of 18 months. BIMTECH has an eclectic set of faculties who mentor students with intense dedication towards realizing their potential and expanding their
boundaries. The co-curricular activities and clubs like Majlis-the debating club and other conduits give great opportunities to students to face their hidden fears and overcome challenges.

key takeaways

First and foremost, the introspective nature of teaching that ingrained the skill to ask the right questions in any kind of problem situations. The opportunities that I got in various events really helped me to open up as an individual. And most importantly, BIMTECH taught the important lesson that to progress in any setup, people skills matter as much as one’s technical skills.

Kushal Abrol 

PGDM (2010-12)

Account Strategist Google India Private Limited

2“Journey of two years at BIMTECH has helped me to knot the threads between Theoretical fundamentals and the real time industry environment. The fruitful Insights into the area of problem solving, time management and value analysis,
Which were simulated in BIMTECH classrooms has encouraged me to enhance the Opportunity of getting a pre placement offer resulted through my summer Internship. “

Ankit Vijaywargiya-PGDM 2008-1010

Senior Manager-Honda Cars India Ltd.

2I clearly remember the day I entered these hallowed halls. My first day with my backpack and lots of dreams and aspirations for the next two years and beyond.

I had joined the PGDM course at BIMTECH after about three years of working with organizations like Dun and Bradstreet Information Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.

With a sense of the corporate world, what I needed was the knowledge to tackle the management perspective. And BIMTECH lent me the theoretical and applied know how of the management concepts. With experienced faculty and rich resources BIMTECH provides a growth platform to the budding managers.

The PGDM course was carefully designed keeping in mind the inputs received from the industry and other luminaries in Academia. The teaching media and the friendly but firm faculty fostered a rich learning environment. Real life case studies armed us to understand the situations in real corporate space by applied simulations.

BIMTECH has a rich alumnus that are always keen to present their experiences and lend a helping hand to the students.

BIMTECH also encourages the aesthetic sense of the individual via various co-curricular activities. SPIC MACAY had organized a week long event during our tenure and I was one of the richest cultural experiences we had come across.

At the end of the course I walked out of those same doors with an enhanced knowledge base and a proud head to hold, with a job in the bag.

BIMTECH gave me a lot, and today in life I turn back to my college as a proud BIMTECHian.

Meeta Shukla

PGDM – Finance and Operations (2009 – 2011)

Infosys Ltd. (2011 – Present)