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Cycle Relay Race On 2nd October 2015

The BCC (Bimtech Cycle Club- Born to Paddle) team conducted a successful event on 28th foundation day of BIMTECH and also as a mark of Gandhi Jayanthi, Cycle Relay Race, where we received a brilliant response from the college students.

The event commenced at 6:00 am , with the gracious presence of our Director Dr. H. Chaturvedi, who wished all the participants and flagged off the event, Also our Dy. director, Dr.Anupam Varma also joined us in wishing all the participants.

We also had our mentors Dr. Rishi Tiwari and Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Shirotriya, Sports Officer, who monitored the participants.

The events commenced with the announcement of the rules to the team captains and explaining them the route to take and the leads, followed by every girl member of the team was to commence from the start line, once they were arranged on the start line and other team members on their respective destination, the race was commenced.

There were a total of 15 teams who took part with a total number of 52 individual participants, the BCC senior and junior executive’s monitored the event.

The first lapse consisted of two rights the destination of second position is IILM College, where the 1st team member should give a clap to his other team member and give them a go ,thereon the second team member take a couple of rights and passed through GNIT college and reached the BIMTECH college where the third position is destined, here again the students exchanged the cycles and they had to take two rights and reach the third position as same as second position is and exchange the cycle again. Then is the last lapse, where the end line was at the gate of BIMTECH, the first person to touch the end line was Ravi Kumar from Team Rodeo, followed by Ananth from Team Riderzz and the third person who reached the end line was Aniket, which gave an end to race.

Winner and Runners of the race were as follow:

Team Rodeo (Winners)
1. Hitesh Bharadwaj
2. Uday Bhan Singh
3. Ravi Kumar Panwar
4. Divya Sarma

Team Riderzz (2nd Position)
1. Aaamir Ahmed Khan
2. Ananthmannu Hebbale
3. Denny Verghese
4. Lalithasri P

Team Ghost Riders
1. Aniket Wasulkar
2. Ayush Viayvergiya
3. Harshvardhan Saini
4. Chanchal Gupta

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