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Inter Department Volleyball- The quest to the Champion’s Throne

(23rd -28th September, 2015)

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The Inter Department Volleyball was organized by the Sports Conduit, BIMTECH to salute and propagate the spirit of Volleyball. The entire college was separated into teams, whereby each department represented a team. The teams then competed against each other in a fierce competition to win the title of Champions. The event saw some great moments for the conduit as we became more and more convinced about the relevance of Sports in Management Education. There were highs and lows but the entire event was a head turner. The event was held over an interval of five days and these five days were nothing less than a festival for BIMTECH. With supporters pouring in before the matches even begun Bimtechians displayed their enthusiasm and support for Sports.

There were a total of 7 teams namely:

  1. Insurance Business Management (Combined Seniors and Juniors)
  2. International Business (Combined Seniors and Juniors)
  3. PGDM (Juniors section A and C combined)
  4. PGDM (Juniors section B and D combined)
  5. PGDM (Seniors section A and B combined)
  6. PGDM (Seniors section C and D combined)
  7. Retail Management (Seniors and Juniors combined)

Every team comprised of 8 male and 1 female player. It was compulsory for the female player to play the first set out of total 3 sets of 25 points each. Every team played against every other team during the league matches. The following were the fixture for Day 1

  • DM2 C&D VS DM1 A&C (Winners-DM2 C&D)
  • DM2 A&B VS IBM (Winners-DM2 A&B)
  • DM2 C&D VS IB (Winners-DM2 C&D)
  • DM1 A&C VS RM (Winners-RM)
  • DM1 B&D VS RM (Winners-IB)

The following matches were played on the Day 2

  • DM1 B&D VS DM1 A&C (Winners-DM1 A&C)
  • DM2 A&B VS RM (Winners-RM)
  • DM1 B&D VS IBM (Winners-IBM)
  • DM2 A&B VS IB (Winners-IB)
  • DM2 C&D VS RM (Winners-DM2 C&D)

Day 3 saw the following teams fighting for the title

  • DM1 B&D VS RM (Winners-RM)
  • IB VS IBM (Winners-IB)
  • DM2 A&B VS DM2 C&D (Winners-DM2 A&B)
  • DM1 A&C VS IB (Winners-IB)
  • IBM VS RM (Winners-RM)

Day 4 was full of energy with following teams fighting it out

  • DM1 A&C VS IBM (Winners-IBM)
  • IB VS RM (Winners-RM)
  • DM2 C&D VS IBM (Winners-DM2 C&D)
  • DM1 A&C VS DM2 A&B (Winners-DM2 A&B)

The teams to reach the semi final were RM, DM2 A&B, DM2 C&D AND IB. The Semi Finals were as follows:

  • IB VS RM (Winners-IB)
  • DM2 A&B VS DM2 C&D (Winners-DM2 A&B)

The teams to compete against each other in finals were the IB and the PGDM2 A&B. The title was won over by the IB.

What sets the winners apart
Out of all teams playing the one to take the title was IB. What IB displayed was persistence all through the 5 day event, their team spirit and strength in unity is what set them apart from others. And this is exactly what one of the objective of management education is. To be the best in what you pursue. The team was supported equally by their female member without whom it would not have been possible. The team was well united and trusted each member. They displayed extra ordinary calm and composure during the matches.