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Pass the Pedals:- Cycle Relay Race


Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance , you must keep MOVING.
Cycle relay race (Pass the Pedals),that was organized by Bimtech Cycle club (BCC) on BIMTECH foundation day this year i.e. 2nd OCT 2016, was that kind of event where there were enormous participants who magnificently established their perfection in the race from their enthusiasm to win, we were able to get the best cycle riders of our college. In this event, 12 team have participated comprising of 4 members in each team ( with at least one girl) giving a sturdy competition to each other.
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Event was inaugurated by BIMTECH Director Dr. H.Chaturvedi at 6:15am.Total distance covered by the riders was of 1.9 Km which comprises of route around the college.
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Inter Department Table Tennis Tournament

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The art of concealing the game within the boundaries of a table is seen in Ping Pong..Spin to win was one such event which showcased the talent of the players. They went through various elimination rounds to get into the final show down.

The enthusiastic players made the evening energetic by their performance and brought in a change of spirit among the audience.


The matches were held on 4th and 5th August in which around 10 teams participated giving a tough competition to each other.
All the teams played with immense expertise and after a long struggle and series of rounds, the finishing teams were PGDM (A-B) First year and PGDM (A-B) Second year

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Special efforts of Abhishek Uboveja and Twinkle Gupta for making the event successful, adding to that a special vote of appreciation to sports conduit members for their efforts in conducting the event.

“All that matters on the Chessboard is good moves”


checkmatepresented a shining path to those aspiring players who are destined and passionate for CHESS. Checkmate gave a defined platform for the future Grandmasters. Itwas a first ever mega event in the pronounced experience of BIMTECH.

The 1st Chess Tournament was held on the weekend of 30th & 31st July, 2016 creating the inexhaustible enthusiasm. Doubtless of the illimitable entries for the registration process, the number was restricted to 52 entries. In presence of this rigorous hectic schedule, 52 entries was, in fact, a rewarding number.

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After a few tournament rounds, a team of dedicated and elite players were recognizedwho will be trained further for their subsequent tournaments.

A sprouting initiative by Saurabh Pradhan and a collaborative effort by his teammates, Nikhil Soni and Manasi Raju has made this event a monumental accomplishment. An unfeigned vote of appreciation is heartily furnished for them.

“When you see a good move, look for a better one”
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Prakrida 2015 – The Inter B-School Sports Festival

“Courage is not the absence of fear; it is being afraid but being able to control that fear so that you are able to perform at your highest ability. That’s what makes a champion”.

Because champions rise, champions fall, rise again, and win it all!
It is not about winning; it is about taking part and becoming your own potential.

Prakrida 2015 was a one day sports fest conducted by BIMTECH Sports Conduit and Foot and Boot Club which witnessed participation from prominent B-schools in the NCR region. The event comprised of clashes among teams in sports like Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball and Table Tennis. The event was conducted on 31st January 2015 and spanned for more than 15 hours. The event saw massive cheering for all teams and was loved by one and all.

The players exhibited great character on the field as matches got close and aggressive. Every point was important and no team wanted to give away any advantage to the opposition. The crowd also ensured that no point went unnoticed and there was a loud cheer at every point, every smash & every pass. More than supporting teams, the crowd supported good play which motivated everyone on the field.

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BIMTECH Premier League

Re-creating the success of BPL-1, the second edition of Bimtech Premier League was organised with more zeal and vigour under the guidance of Dr. Rishi Tiwari, Sports Incharge and Mr. Awadhesh Shirotriya, Sports Officer.
saBlending managerial expertise with cricket acumen the league is modelled on the Indian Premier League, featuring six teams: Gladiators, Red Lions, Warriors, Black Tigers, Warhawks and Stallions owned by six faculty members: Prof Chari, Prof Anuj Sharma, Dr. Abha Rishi, Prof. Amit Sharma, Prof. Arindam Deb and Prof. Manoj Pandey.Read More!

Freshers Welcome Ride

10345761_589886827797032_7288903316362250790_nFreshers Welcome Ride, which was conducted on July 12, 2014.17 Students participated from which 4 was Girls and 13 was boys.. Under the Guidance of Mr. Awadhesh Shirotiya (Sports Officer).We covered 10 Km’s Starting from Bimtech to Pari Chowk to Jagat Farm to RCI and then back to BIMTECH Campus.

Feedback given By students on BCC Facebook Page:
1- Jagyasa Das(1st Year) – it was really fun.. i normally never wake up early, but i’m glad i decided to go for the ride today… feeling fresh

2- Aakash Raverkar(1st Year) – Single word to describe “Awesome”

3-Sonam Bijani(1st Year) – This is the best way to kick start the day. Looking forward to more Rides like this.


Fitness Orientation Program for new batch

“Thirteen Days Fitness Orientation Program for First Year Students”


On June 15th, 2014, Sports Conduit commenced “Thirteen Days Fitness Orientation Program for First Year Students” for making them healthy and fit managers, under the meticulous guidance of Honorable Dr. H. Chaturvedi and Dr. Rishi Tiwari. For effective implications of the program Mr. A. K. Shirotriya, Sports Officer invited 07 Physical Education Teachers from reputed schools of Delhi and NCR for training 426 students.

OActivities were conducted early in the morning i.e., From 6:00 A.M to 6:45 A.M. Students were divided into 7 groups, with each group being monitored by qualified instructors. The program included various physical activities like Calisthenic Exercises, Aerobic Activities, Stress Management Skills, Cycling, Yoga, Self Defense and various Sporting events like Football, Volleyball and Basketball.

For holistic development of students, Meditation, Management games with short lectures on Health and Fitness and Ways to achieve optimum level of specific and general fitness were also introduced. This program concluded on 28th June, 2014 with 2 Km Cyclothon and 2 Km Run from Campus to Rci.

Winners of the Events:-

Cyclothon (Boys)

1. Prateek Singh, IB
2. Akash Raverkar, IBM
3. Amrit Raj, DM

Cyclothon (Girls)

1. Sonam Bijani,DM
2. Annpurna Raman, DM
3. Purnima Pal, IBM

Run (Boys)

1. Vishal Chauhan, IB
2. Tushar Joshi, DM
3. Samagya Gupta, RM

Run (Girls)

1. Sunaina, DM
2. Simran Jeet Kaur,IBM
3. Shirin Garg, DM


Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Director, Prof. Chari and Prof. Arindam Deb felicitated the winners and the instructors also. Dr. Chaturvedi delivered a motivational speech in which he emphasized on the importance of fitness and stress management techniques. He said “Fitness is your big asset which you need to maintain throughout a life”.

During this 13 days Fitness Orientation Program Mr. A.K. Shirotriya, Sports Officer urge students to involve in Physical Activities, Games and Sports for gaining wholesome development, good health and “Fitness Package” along with “Salary Package”.

At the end of the program Ishan Samantray, a 1st year student shared his experience of weight loss which motivated many others. Few students voluntarily expressed gratitude towards the college for organizing this event, In the words of Surbhi Arora, 1st year student, “It was a good and different experience, we generally are not in a habit of getting up so early in the morning but during the session we realized that getting up early is a good habit and leaves us energetic through the day. Also, many students requested the program to continue along with studies.

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Cyclathon 2014

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Sr. Vs Jr. Farewell Cricket Match & Basketball League

Sports Culture Development Activities 13 – Gallery

Activities July to October 2013

sportsBIMTECH organized 18 Sports events and activities for the period July to October 2013 including core sports events and recreation and sports culture development activities.Born to Pedal 

The first event of the academic year was conducted by the BIMTECH Cycle Club on 28 July, 2013 where a 10 km. ride was covered by 22 riders including Dr.H. Chaturvedi, the Director of BIMTECH. With a slogan “Born to pedal” the Cycle Club started off the year with an energetic event which was also covered by the media. following this, the club conducted five more cycling events gathering growing popularity amongst the students.


Friendship’s Day was celebrated through “Maitri”, a friendly basketball match between the first and second year students in which the first year students emerged victorious.


22 Yards

After the success of the cycling club, the Sports Conduit introduced a new Cricket club called “22 Yards”. This club organized a “BIMTECH Premiere League (BPL)”.After an auction of the players the event commenced on August 14 and the heat was on till September 6. Team Warriors won the BPL Trophy.


The First Encounter
Foot n Boot Club, the football club of BIMTECH conducted “The First Encounter”, a friendly football match between first and second year students. The ice breaker match was held on 3 August 2013 with lots of enthusiasm by the players and spectators alike. The second year students won the match despite the first years putting up a great fight.


Sudden Death

The Sports Club organized “Sudden Death”, the Interdepartmental Football Tournament from 24 August to 7 September, 2013. PGDM Section C of the 1st Year was crowned as Inter-Departmental football champions 2013. An event first of its kind in BIMTECH, was organized – a football match between the foreign exchange students from France and the BIMTECH students. Living up to the theme of the event “Bridge the cultural gap, with a friendly football match”. BIMTECH students won the match with a score of 6-4.

September 5, 2013 was celebrated with a token of adulation and amicability for BIMTECH teachers. The Sports Conduit organized fun events such as arm wrestling and musical chair for them on Teacher’s Day. The Sports Conduit also organized fun events such as “Matki phod” on Janmashtmi and “Kite Flying” on 2 October which marks both Gandhi Jayanti and the Foundation Day of BIMTECH. On the occasion of National Sports Day, i.e. August 29, the BIMTECH clan participated in “Celebration of National Sports Day & National Conference on Contribution of Physical Education in Public Health, Fitness and Sports Promotion” in New Delhi, India. Six first year students brought fame to the institute by receiving applauds from various Arjuna Awardees, Dronacharya Awardees, Padmashree nominees and many distinguished Physical Education and Sports personalities including Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Sports University and Former Vice Chancellor of Jiwaji University, Gwalior. Mr. A. K. Shirotriya, Sports Officer of BIMTECH was the Joint Organizing Secretary of this conference.

The Sports Conduit also conducted various inter departmental and inter class tournaments for other sports. Inter Class Volleyball Tournament was organized between September 28 and 29, 2013. PGDM 2nd year emerged as the winners of the tournament. Exclusively for girls this time, Interdepartmental Girls Throw ball Match was organized on October 4, 2013. The girls participated with enthusiasm and PGDM – IB 1st year girls stole the show. To cater to all the basketball fans the Interdepartmental Basketball tournament was conducted by the conduit between 8 and 10 October 2013. The tournament gave the students a chance to showcase their skills on the court.



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