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Experiencing Diversity

My Experience with The Prudential Foundation Global Citizens Program

mahima“The International Office at BIMTECH, provides all second year students the opportunity to apply for The Prudential Foundation Global Citizens Program. Through this program, The Washington Centre for Internships and Academic Seminars offers 20 scholarships sponsored by The Prudential Foundation to students from universities in Brazil, China, India, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The program components include an Internship with private, non-profit, governmental and non- governmental sectors, an Academic course, a Leadership Forum and a Civic Engagement Project. It helps students gain valuable experience and insight into possible career paths.

Due to an overwhelming response from students, resulting in an increasing number of applications every year, TWC puts students through a rigorous application process. After the first stage of application in BIMTECH, only a few students move to the second stage and apply to TWC. After thorough assessment, successful applicants are then contacted for a telephonic interview, followed by a face to face interview. As a final year student, I find myself standing at the cusp of a transition from being a student to being part of the corporate environment. This internship holds for me, the promise of learning more, from some of the best minds in business and its management. TWC, with its vast network across the world would give me the opportunity to interact with people across cultures and develop my interpersonal skills while working with them. I had applied to the program with a dream to experience the diversity and global exposure that TWC is revered for and cannot wait to live the dream.

I am extremely grateful to the International Office for giving me this platform and esteemed faculty members for their support, blessings and belief. I am looking forward to my semester in Washington and would encourage all the first year students to apply for the program in the coming year.”

Mahima Kapoor
PGDM (IB) 2013- 15

Student Exchange Programme

exchangeIn this growing world, where keeping on self abreast with all the current happenings what can be more better than getting a global experience.
BIMTECH provided me a unique opportunity in form of student exchange. With more than 100 partner universities to choose from, the institute helped me in understanding which institute offers me the courses of my interest and the one that helps me in long future.
I got opportunity to go to NEOMA Business School, Rouen Campus in France for three months. It gave me a global experience by seeing the working conditions and also the cross cultural experience which helped me in increasing my team building abilities and also adaptability in unknown land. I highly recommend the exchange program and thank BIMTECH for helping me achieve my aim.

Chirag Shrivastava
PGDM-Operations (2013-15)


UntitledI faced my first job interview with Deloitte and being able to clear the interview in the first attempt has really added to my self-confidence. Being among the first ones in the college to be placed is an entirely different feeling. It took time for the feeling to sink in.

Deloitte is one of the best companies that visits the BIMTECH campus and moreover it was my dream company. Interactions with the faculty and seniors reassured that I had chosen the right target and they have been very supportive and guided persistently to help me achieve my goal. Teachers have always been there when I had a query or needed a chat or a mentor to offer advice. I had a clear focus towards Deloitte. I worked hard to maintain a good CGPA and a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities which I feel is very important. The workshop conducted by the company helped each one of us prepare in a better manner.

On the day of the selection process, the announcement by the company HR that they have just 3 offers for BIMTECH had left all of us anxious. But once the results were announced, I realised that the ball was in my court now. All the work had crystallized into that one amazing moment in time. It was a dream come true. I made my parents and teachers proud and proved myself that I deserved it.

Now I feel really relieved of a big tension and it makes me feel independent. It is going to be my first job and I feel really excited that I will get to work with different kinds of people.

I would like to thank BIMTECH for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. It is really nice to work for a company you can feel proud of.


Shivangi Singla

PGDM 13-15

Industrial Excursion of PGDM-Batch-13-15

uploadIndian tradition says that every man who worth his salt should explore his country in his youth.  BIMTECH, an institute that is a staunch follower of Indian value system adopts this stance in the form of a mandatory Industrial tour. The industrial tour for PGDM 13-15 was organized in the last week of Feb 2014(22-1st March).  For many of us, this is the first time visit to north-east Indian Territory. Gangtok is our first stop which was connected to the rest of India only by 50m road abetting the river Teesta. We had to cross 8 mountains by hopping over tall arches built over the river. This experience itself was a great one. Gangtok, to our surprise is such a well-planned hill city, comparable to any other Tier 2 city well connected and well placed in other parts of our country.

The people of Sikkim own the city, state and the natural beauty and save it from tourists belonging to the capitalistic, selfish world. The peaceful city boasts of of visionary administrators with a stable government from past 20 years. Sikkim is an Indian example of Socialism through inclusive development. The next day we had to leave to Rang Po to visit Cipla, Alkem Labaratories and Yoksam Brewery as per the scheduled plan. Thanks to the special category status of Sikkim, plants with good capacities have been installed giving employment to several local people. The plants were built on International standards and the employees of the company, top to bottom, were all very keen to interact with the students.

It was a great learning experience to all of us. After the industrial visit that day, some of the groups went on for some adventure sports. We had a DJ night at hotel that day. The next day was trip to the famous Changu lake. Many of us have seen and touched natural Ice for the first time here. The terrain of the mountain abetting the changu lake allowed for trekking in Ice. The lake had crystal clear water with a very thin layer of Ice formed at certain areas. Some of the groups have visited the Baba Mandir(13,000 feet above sea level), which was built in the memory of a great Martyr Baba Haribhajan Singh, and one of the groups could manage to visit the Nathula pass(The India-China Crossing) a few kilometers away from the Mandhir. This was the most memorable day in the trip. The scenic beauty mixed with an aura of patriotism made the day. The next day, we left for Darjeeling. After a 4 hour journey from Gangtok to Darjeeling, some students went on for a joy ride on the DHR(Darjeeling Himalayan Railway) steam locomotive driven narrow gauge train. It was an enthralling one time experience to travel on this train and visit the Nightingale Garden and the DHR museum en-route.


DHR which is serving the cause of the tourists now, was actually the driver of economy in the Himalayan Region at time when was no other mode of road transport except bullock carts can travel on this terrain. The next day, the early morning, few batches left for Tiger hill to get a view of Sunrise and the famous Kanchenjunga. The batch left for Mirik Lake touching Nepal-Indian Crossing, Pashupati market and the famous tea estates of Darjeeling en-route.

The Teas estates are owned and operated by capital rich corporate organizations and this business has been generally economical for past few decades. This has to be taken as a case of corporate agriculture by the rest of India. After lunch and some boat riding/Horse riding at Mirik Lake, the batch left back for the hotel for the last night party. The next day, we headed back to Silliguri to catch the New Delhi Rajdhani and eventually fall back to the boring normality after 5 days of excitement and experiences. Credits are due for the tour operator, Hotel managements and our most beloved Faculty (Dr. Gagan Katiyar, Prof. M S Rawat, Prof.Eugene Reuben & Ms. Meenakshi Bhat) who came along with us and took care of us. Special credits to fellow student Mr. Hrishikesh Narayan(CR-Sec B) and few other CRs who coordinated the Batch of such large size and tried their level best to make the tour smooth and hassle free.


Kharahari Tripuraneni

Class Representative, PGDM –Section B

Write Up By Sankli Murugan M, PGDM-RM(II year)


I am Sankli Murugan, son of Manimuthu and Thamilarasi, from Chennai. Though I was born in a hospital in Chennai like other kids, I was brought up in mess. The environment of food and business grows as I grow. My parents made sure that I am learning things not only from books but also from our mess. I use to work in my mess from my 1st standard itself. Customer service, preparation of food, serving of food, ethical values, cash management- both in counter and bank these where taught to me by my parents. I wish to open a chain of restaurant. I did my Engineering as per my parent’s wish as they don’t want my career to become too narrow, as I wished to take Hotel management. By the beginning of 3rd year during my engineering my friend Raghu and me, started preparing for CAT exam to get in to MBA. Both of our intension was we should not spend our rest of our life in space of 4X4 cabin and in front of 14 inch monitor. As we wished we landed up in best B-schools of India. He landed up in BIM (Bharadhidasan Institute of Management, Thirchy), myself in BIMTECH (Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida).

BIMTECH, I should say this as a place where your dream comes true. For every initiative that I took here, there was a support from our Director Sir and faculties of BIMTECH. I am average in my studies. I also made sure that I got in to food conduit of BIMTECH which is my part where I could contribute to some extent and also in E-Cell which may give clear idea about my dream. I was eagerly waiting for an opportunity to explore myself. With the help of mess management and my little knowledge on south Indian foods, we tried to implement some changes in menu that provided to all students in college. January 2nd week came my true opportunity, E-Cell conducted Udyami. Udyami was 5 day business event in which students will take a particular place in auction and do business for 5 days and should reach the break even. Here my team invested Rs. 11,000/- and started with Dosa Plaza. All five days response was great and made Rs. 900/- profit at the end of 5 days and whole profit amount was give to me by my team mates. And our team won jury’s award. Here my dream peeks out again. I wished to open venture in my college itself. But I was waiting for the right time.

After coming back from Summer Internship I started working on my plan. After a long process of planning and discussion with my close circle we end up in plan of weekly Dosa cafe in cafeteria. I proposed this plan to Management. To my surprise it was approved immediately which gave me more energy to continue with my new venture.

Venture started on 29 July, 2013. 1st day response was really good. 2nd day was even better than the first week. I am eventually learning new things on every day after my start up. I am able to understand some of the concepts taught by my teachers in class and also now I am trying to implement something that I have studied in my past 1 year.

Here I take this opportunity to thank my parents, sisters and friends who encouraged me in taking this initiative. I would like to say hearty thanks to our Director Sir and Faculties of BIMTECH who was supportive throughout this process and for future support that they are going to give.

Sankli Murugan M
PGDM-RM(II year)



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