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” Two Day’s Farmer Forum Meet of SEWA,facilitated by BIMTECH, attended by 40 delegates from 14 States ”


Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Director, inaugurated the All India National Farmers Forum organized by SEWA on April 27, 2016 which was attended by about 40 farmers’ representatives from all corners of the country.

BIMTECH was happy to host India’s oldest NGO, SEWA-with whom it has an MoU for a two-day conference of “National Farmers Forum India MTCP2”. This body would discuss farming, livelihood and other common agricultural issues which were of concern to the farmers, especially rural women and make representations to policy makers.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Chaturvedi highlighted the plight of farmers across India who were not getting a fair deal because of various reasons. The traditional farming practices and inherited wisdom of farmers were being ignored. Agriculture continues to be the victim of the vagaries of nature. He commended the various initiatives being taken by SEWA to train and skill the farmers and also for modernizing farm practices without displacing labour. He was happy that SEWA has also been building an eco system covering the entire life needs of agricultural families to make them, especially women, more self-sufficient.

27 participants and 9 Field Officers from 14 states of India participated in the two day workshop. Among the items discussed were the action plan for 2016 focusing on the need for strategic interventions and capacity building initiatives. The Field Officers worked in groups and deliberated on their focus areas. They also formed state-wise teams to carry out a SWOT analysis of farming in their respective states.

One of the highlights of the two- day workshop was the discussion on the “Impact of Climate on Agriculture” in which one of the senior insurance alumni of BIMTECH, Mr. Rishi Raj Vashishth from Skymet anchored a lively and insightful debate which lasted nearly for three hours and which saw spirited participation.
In the final segment of the workshop, Dr. Rishi Tiwari and Prof. Saloni Sinha  of BIMTECH made a presentation on the exemplary work being done in a BIMTECHs sponsored initiative for skilling of girl children in a nearby village entitled “Protsahan” (in the revered memory of one of BIMTECH’s founders, late Dr. Smt. Sarla Birla). The range of activities undertaken under Protsahan included imparting of life skills, basic scientific knowledge for everyday living and some hands-on training in tailoring, knitting etc. for selected village girls between the ages of 11 to 18. SEWA agreed in principle to render training assistance to women volunteers selected from the villages who will be sent to the SEWA headquarters at Ahmedabad for strengthening the project.

Prof. Monika Mittal (CIRM) proposed a vote of thanks at the conclusion of the workshop.

This SEWA initiative had the backing of the UN body IFAD and other South Asian and Swiss organizations.

Ms. Chhayaben Bhavsar and Ms. Smita Bhatnagar, executives from SEWA guided and conducted the sessions with great enthusiasm.

Below are some glimpses of Farmer Forum Meet of SEWA :-

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” Two Day’s Farmer Forum Meet of SEWA,facilitated by BIMTECH, attended by 40 delegates from 14 States “




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