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Workshop on Predictive Analytics with R

Workshop on Predictive Analytics with R
September 2nd & 3rd, 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)

Centre for Research Studies

About the Workshop

The increase in application and importance to the Big Data Analytics has given rise to demand for a  new set of skills, which use computational techniques and analytic framework in tandem. Decision making is critically dependent on proper use of tools and techniques. Modelling of the problem framework is a crucial initial step in the process. In its bid to empower researchers, academicians and practitioners to effectively leverage this, Centre for Research Studies, BIMTECH is launching a two day workshop on Predictive Analytics using R.

R is a flexible, statistical programming language and environment that is Open Source and freely available for all mainstream operating systems. R has experienced an “explosive growth in use” and in user-contributed software.

This programme is based on the popular and increasingly in-demand R statistical software.  The first half-day will accordingly introduce participants to the R programming eco-system – just enough so that the participants can follow, and use the Predictive Analytic tools covered in this workshop. This will be followed by  two powerful, very contemporary analytic modules that find wide usage among researchers and academicians. The tools that will be covered are “Text mining and Social Media Analytics”, followed by  Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling.

The workshop will be fully hands-on and will be delivered using a mix of lecture, demonstrations and exercises for participants.

About R:

R is a programming language and software used for statistical and graphical representation. This is mostly used by researchers, data miners and statisticians for data analysis. It was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman and the software is supported by R foundation. It is freely available on all major operating systems.

Workshop Facilitators




The workshop has culminated successfully and detailed report will be uploaded soon.

About the Workshop

This two days’ workshop on content analysis will be spread across 8 sessions. Recent developments in content analysis techniques will be discussed in the context of other qualitative data analysis techniques.


Workshop Facilitator Profile

Srinath Jagannathan completed his Fellow Program in Management from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in 2011. He worked on workers’ experiences of insecurity for his doctoral dissertation. His doctoral work spanned qualitative inquiries from a post structural frame with informal economy workers, refugees, temporary workers and workers with formal employment contracts. He worked in the Centre for Labour Studies in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai for more than three years before joining IIM Indore. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Mumbai. Currently working as Professor of Organizational Behavior & HRM department in IIM Indore.





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